There is definitely humor in duct tape (our bestselling Duct Tape Books attest to that). Do you have a duct tape cartoon that you would like us to post? Email an electronic file to us, or mail the cartoon and we will scan it for you. click here for our submission info. Please credit the artist if not immediately identifyable on the cartoon. Thanks! - The Duct Tape Guys

(left) The Buckets
by Scott Stantis / Greg Cravens
©United Features Syndicate, Inc.

(lower left) Jeff MacNelly parodys the Grey Poupon commercial in this SHOE cartoon. ©Tribune Media Service

(above) Michael Fry's OVER THE HEDGE ©United Features Syndicate, Inc.

(far left) McPherson's CLOSE TO HOME ©United Press Syndicate

(near left) Gary Larson's THE FAR SIDE © FarWorks, Inc.

(lower left) Garry Trudeau's DOONESBURY © 2000 Garry Trudeau

Gary Brookins' Pluggers often features duct tape. Like the one below ripped directly from our books and calendars via Joshua... Click the icon on the left to see what he's got cookin'.
(above) Stephen Benley's HERB and JAMAAL ©United Media Syndicate

(below) Johnny Hart's BC ©Creators Syndicate

The cartoon on the left was sent to us without a source reference. We think the cartoonist's name is "Gregory." If you have the source info, do tell!
(above) Real Life Adventures by Wise and Aldrich
©Universal Press Syndicate
(left) Pickles by Brian Crane
©Washington Post Writers Group
(below) Close To Home by by John McPherson ©
(below) Close To Home by by John McPherson ©
(left, above,and right) Strange Brew by John Deering © (by the way, Strange Brew is one of Tim (the Duct Tape Guy)'s must-read-daily cartoons. Thanks John for your duct tape evangelism efforts and a tip of the hat to our Duct Tape Book genre.
(lower right) Real Life Adventures by Wise and Aldrich ©Universal Press Syndicate
(below) Mutts by Patrick McDonnell, King Features Syndicate
(left) by David Horsey of the Seatle Post Intelligencer
(below) Tony Auth, Washington Post
(below) by Brian Crane in Pickles
(right) by Vic Lee in Pardon My Planet