In response to the Dept. of Homeland Security's recommendation to protect ourselves with duct tape and plastic sheeting, America's political cartoonists were handed a new material to work their humor from. Here is a mere sampling of some of our favorites All cartoons are copyrighted as listed on the frame.
To read the Duct Tape Guys' take on the Department's recommendation click here.
Right column credits (from top):
Copley, Stuart Carlson, Chip Bok
Steve Sack, Bill Deore, Jack Ohman, Joe Heller.
Left column credits (from top):
Jeff Siergey, Tony Auth, Tom Toles, Higgins, Ben Sargent, Mike Luckovich, (below) Aaron McGruder's Boondocks nabs another use for Homeland Securities stockpiled duct tape AFTER the war.
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