Hundreds of you have written to inform us that after about two days your duct tape calendar fell off of the plastic backing. But only one, Wes Towel, cared enough to put his duct taping abilities to work and provide us with the following photo essay of his 365 Days of Duct Tape Page-A-Day® Calendar Fix. --- Thanks, Wes!
Thanks to Wes’ ingenuity and Duck Tape, your
365 Days of Duct Tape Page-A-Day® Calendar should hold together just fine for another 300+ days!
Below is another fix from Randy S. from Manheim, PA - his calendar kept tipping over until he added a wadded ball of sticky-side-out duct tape behind the prop thingee.
Thanks to both of you for sharing your fixes!
--- Jim and Tim, the Duck Tape Guys
Cool idea! Calendar Accesory: Favorite Page Saver
Richard wanted to save the sheets from the Days that have passed so he used Duct Tape to tape the calendar to the box the calendar came in. Now he just puts the used sheets in the box to save them.