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A couple of weeks ago.. some friends and I were on our way back home to Ottawa and about to embark on an eight hour drive. Then it started to rain, and snow, and my wiper kept going too far to my left (driver) and getting caught on the side of the car. So, rather than keep my hand out the window for the rest of the drive to keep the wipers working, my friend Pat and I taped a water bottle to the side of the car. It saved us from having an accident, and lasted for the whole 8 hours!! Now that is duct tape in action!!! - Jeanne M., Ottawa, ON
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(right) A sure way to stop dings on your grill and prevent sun-bleaching of your car's paint at the same time!

(right) Thanks to Jeff A. for nabbing this Tennessee duct tape hood latch.

(below) a New York bus company knows the proper and least expensive way to keep fares down and damage beautifully concealed.

(above) Tailgate latch shot? Duct tape is tailgate latch on a roll.

(below) Busted tail light made street legal with the addition of a little red duct tape.

< Thanks to Denise from Oklahoma who spotted these two young women on a trek to somewhere. "Only in Oklahoma!" was Denise's response to the spotting. But, we beg to differ - have you ever been to Wisconsin?
(right) We almost missed this one! The white duct tape blended in almost perfectly with the front end of "Beanie's" white Corvette.

(below) Duct tape repair or expensive side panel accessory?