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(above) How to make an Airstream even more valuable.

(right) Cy from Hands On Art Studio in Door County, WI shows off his tail light repair.

Some appropriate uses for Clear Duct Tape.
(above and left) Sorry, dudes, but you are going to have to use a LOT more duct tape than that to turn your trailer and camper into an Airstream!

Or, if you just lost the lens, use clear duct tape to cover the lamp area. Yup, visibility will be decreased, but hey, you'll be respected for knowing that there is such a thing as clear duct tape.

(left) Either the driver who made this repair was blind, or did not realize that there's black duct tape.
(below) Here, on the other hand, is an appropriate use of white duct tape - barely noticable, huh?
(above) Dude! It's definitely time to start over!

(below) Hail damage fix...The most meticulous window taping we've ever seen. Thanks to designer black duct tape.