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"This is my 1991 Ford Escort. Duct tape was the last resort for holding this thing together. Some parts are held on entirely with the duct tape including a turn signal fixture and some sheet metal body repairs. I'm learning new techniques as I go for keeping edges down in the wind. There has been a problem with the hot sun causing it to wrinkle but it just makes it look more duct tapey. All in all its been the best 30 bucks I've spent on this car." - Barry Ellis
Sanbornville, NH
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Update photos from Barry Ellis (below):
Here are the latest updates to the 1991 Escort 'Barry Ellis Edition'. The stripes and lettering are all Duck brand Tape. You were right, the Duck brand is better than the evil corporate stuff. The 3M stuff can't hold up to the weather even though it was all-weather tape. - Barry Ellis