Duct tape, in every state of the union, is called "______ Chrome" because it covers so much of so many of our vehicles - especially in the rust-prone states. So, we’ve created this "BodyShop" section dedicated solely to duct tape vehicle repair. If you have a vehicle (or know of one) that is being held together with duct tape, snap a photo of it and send it to us. Click the submit button on the left for submission instructions.
Do you fix your vehicle with duct tape? You're in good company - as evidenced by this exclusive photo of God's pickup truck.
(left) Even NASA uses duct tape for vehicle repair.

(upper right) Duct tape tuck-and-roll.

(right) Remember the exploding, delaminating Firestones? Obviously this guy was driving on a set of 'em.

(above right) Corvette fiberglas® repair made easy. (By the way, duct tape does come in white, black, red and other popular Corvette colors.)

(left) the car owned by Keith of ducttapefashion.com. Yes, the entire car is covered in duct tape and sports a roll of duct tape as the hood ornament.

(far left) Mirror dangling? To avoid "swing damage" this family in Minnesota duct taped the mirror to the door until it could be "fixed".

(near left) Matt from Shoreview, MN repaired his rusty pick-up with a total body coating of Duck® brand tape. Then proceeded to go on a roadtrip. Click here to see photos from Matt's trip.

(left) Nancy G. from Libertyville, IL holds on her Cadillac's back bumper with duct tape. (When it comes time to sell the car, you might like to know that Duck® brand tape does come in white, Nancy).

(above) "Some kids at school decided that body kits on cars were cool, so I showed them that a body kit didn't have to cost $3000 to look cool! Basically, my kit is just five rolls of duct tape holding some cardboard to the car. As you can see there is a hood scoop, front and rear bumpers, side skirts and even a rear spoiler wing. The duct tape held the cardboard perfectly still at speeds of 125mph! Thanks for making such a durable product!" --- Jeff Joyce

(right) A Safari dashboard motif accomplished with white and black Duck® brand tape.

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Prom Jeep Make your prom outfit out of duct tape like this couple did and the next step would naturally be to decorate your prom ride in matching colors. See more of the 2003 "Stuck at Prom" contestants by clicking here.
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Erik P. of Cottage Grove, MN is mighty proud (and rightly so) of his Volvo duct tape body work.