A lot of Duct Tape being used for tying up and mouth shutting. Not having seen every movie listed here, unless you specify Good or Bad, we're going with BAD use for these uses.

Next In Next with Nicholas Cage, his girlfriend (Lisa, I think hr name is?) is kidnapped by the bad guys. Nick Cage sees into the future where Lisa is on top of a building, duct taped to a wheel chair with a bomb in her lap, with a piece of duct tape over her mouth. Bad use for her and Nicholas.

A Prairie Home Companion (the movie), Garrison Keillor does his usual "commercial" for "The American Duct Tape Council" - having the stage hand misplace the script - the entire commercial was improvized and aided by the sound effects of Tom Keith. A highlight in an otherwise pointless, morose and boring movie.

Kangaroo Jack In Kangaroo Jack, the lady that runs the salon gets tied up and tape gagged by some of the bad guys. Bad use of tape, because she was a good character.

Punch Drunk Love Adam Sandler uses a piece of duct tape to cover a hole in a harmonium.

50 First Dates In the movie "50 First Dates" with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler ties himself up with ropes and duct tapes his mouth shut in the back of his pick up truck, attempting to win pity from Drew. Epic failure. (Good, because it's funny, but bad because he's trying to decieve her)

Failure to Launch, Matthew McConaughey is tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth and is locked in the house with Sarah Jessica Parker to sort out their problems. Normally, we wouldn't rate this as good, but if it's forcing them to work out their problems... But with the tape over his mouth, wouldn't SHE be doing all the talking? Women!

Excess Baggage Emily Hope put duct tape all over her mouth, hands and feet. Then she thrown herself in to the trunk of an abandond car and locked herself in. (We haven't seen the movie - so we can't tell if this self-induced plan is good or bad. All we know is Emily's upper lip won't need waxing for a while.)

nto The Blue Josh Brolin duct tapes Jessica Alba's mouth shut in his boat.

Mission Impossible 3: Ethan's wife is kidnapped and restrained into in a chair with metal restraining her arms and legs to the chair. Duct tape is used to tape her mouth. (this however is a good use for duct tape when applied to Tom Cruise's mouth while NOT acting)

The DaVinci Code: Duct tape is used over a captive's mouth. (We haven't seen the movie - just the trailer - if you have more details, please submit them.)

White NoiseMichael Keaton's wife is kidnapped, tied to a chair, with duct tape over her mouth as well as another woman towards the end.

The Watcher Three women are tied up and their mouths are taped shut.

Fight Club The fighters use duct tape to keep cardboard secured to the floor that make up the arena. Just spotted it and it is pretty much visible  in every fight scene.

Marked for Death The good guy (Steven Seagal) uses good ole' Duct Tape to tape a rag in the bad guys mouth. - Thanks to Alex Pope

Wedding Crashers Vince Vaughn is tied to a bed by his girlfriend and a sock is duct taped into his mouth. Good or bad, depending on whose side you are on.

Sister Act 2 A nun whips out a roll of duct tape to mend one of the student's costumes. She says while doing it to carry a roll with you at all times.

Wal-Mart - the high cost of the low price Picket signs are created with cardboard, sticks and duct tape.

Friday Night Lights They duct tape a football to a player so he will learn not to fumble.

Home Alone Three A doll is duct taped to the back of a closet door to fool the bad guys. And, the robbers duct tape the old woman's( Mrs. Hess) hands to the chair arms, her feet together, tape her mouth shut and they also tape her body to the chair. This is all done in her own garage after they trick her into leading them in there.

Jawbreaker They use the duct tape to keep the jawbreaker in the girls mouth. (We don't know the movie - so we don't know if this is good or bad - good if you have to keep it in there for some reason - bad because there is that choking hazard that your mom always warned you about...)

Dreamcatcher When the dude with glasses sits on the toilet to keep the evil alien worm in, the orange haired dude goes to the shed and grabs a roll of duct tape to tape the toilet closed, but the time he got back the worm had escaped and was killing the dude with glasses. posted by Dylan Leigh

Good Dog The kid in the movie uses duct tape to hold together the transmitter the dog is carrying.

The Ref  Christine Baranski is getting a really tight wrapped duct tape gag applied by her son under orders of Dennis Leary, who plays an intruder.  Bad, since he's an intruder.  But good, because she's really annoying.

Toy Soldiers Kirsten Dunst is tied to a chair and duct tape is put over her mouth. The toy soldiers also use what appears to be duct tape to hold together their fallen comrade.

Unbreakable Bruce Willis duct tapes paint cans to barbells to lift more weight.

The New Guy Dizzy was a the loser in high school and as a prank played on him, he was duct taped to a chair and fake breasts were put on him. They had left him in the middle of the hallway.

Freaky Friday At the wedding rehearsal the day that Anna's band was supposed to play, her friends threaten to duct tape Anna's mouth as part of "kidnapping" her to remove her from the rehearsal dinner to take her to play their audition at the House of Blues. Next scene, the police are holding the rope and roll of duct tape.

Spiderman 2 When Peter Parker calls MJ you can see some duct tape holding the strap of his bag together.

Raiders of the Lost Arch Eagle eye Phillip M. spotted duct tape in the widescreen DVD version of Raiders. Not intregal to the movie, butapparently essential in holding the props together.

THE HULK Duct tape is used by Nick Nolte's character to seal up the edges of some old lab equipment. (So yes, apparently duct tape can take gamma radiation.)

Blue Streak Martin Lawrence's character in Blue Streak uses duct tape to attached the stolen diamond to the inside of a air conditioning duct. Good use assuming that it wasn't stolen and you were trying to hide it. Otherwise, ... well, I guess it's still a pretty good use.

Outbreak The CDC workers duct tape the openings to their suits and when one guy tears a hole in his in the lab they steam the hole and they quickly duct tape it closed.

Tremors 3 Duct tape (silver/grey color) is used by a girl to repair a guys pants...her mom comments that perphaps he was expecting her to sew them, not just tape them...the girl responds telling her mom it's the 'style' people are wearing. Later in the movie, the guy uses the duct tape from his pant leg to wrap up a watch that has been giving out signals that one of the giant worms had been following and sticks it on another creature that the giant worm then goes after and eats thus saving the day...

Ghostbusters In the first Ghostbusters movie, Ray (Dan Akroyd) hands a "ghost trap" that has duct tape holding the extension cord together, to another Ghostbuster.

Batman Forever Robin and Doctor Chase Merridian have there mouths duct taped when the Riddler and TwoFace put them in these tubes and he forces Batman to pick one or the other.

Anaconda At the end the tour guide duct tapes ICE CUBE and Jennifer Lopez to feed to the giant man-eating snake. Good being duct taped to Jennifer Lopez - Bad being feed to a man-eating snake (We bet they got out somehow, though.)

Space Station (an OmniMax movie)
This NASA documentary has duct tape EVERYWHERE! The movie web site is http://www.imax.com/spacestation/ Check out our other NASA sightings at our Duct Tape and NASA page.

Bourne Identity
Jason Bourne uses duct tape to fix the passenger side window of his car. There are also a few other incidental shots of duct tape (including red duct tape) throughout the movie.

Blackhawk Down
GI wrote blood type on strip of duct tape stuck on boot. Cabbie marked a duct tape "X" across on the top of his cab so helicopter could track him to target.

Army of Darkness
Bruce Campbell in the movie Army of Darkness after his hand is possessed he cuts it off and seals the wound with duct tape. He also makes the shotgun holster out of duct tape and leather. The bag with his chainsaw in it is held together with duct tape. --- B. Santana
Again, Duct Tape in the wrong hands... Bad!

The Crow
In the movie "The Crow", the crow ties up a bad guy in his car with duct tape, then sends it off of a pier, where it explodes in air. And (from Jon Doe - yeah right) Eric at some point (although off camera) wraps his torso with black duct tape (could be electrical tape) apparently to keep the GAPING SWORD WOUNDS in his stomach closed. I guess hanging entrails suck even when you're undead.

Darkman use duct tape to shut the mouth of a bad guy name Guzmán. He put him a mask over his face, and it's funny because it seems like he has metalic teeth (like "Jaws").

The Peacekeeper
George Clooney carries a giant roll of duct tape around in his briefcase. It makes its appearance when Nicole Kidman tosses it to him so he can tape a bad guy to an office chair. Duct tape - when in the right hands - good!

High Crimes
Claire's sister has her mouth duct taped by an intruder.

Richie Rich The Bad Guys duct tape the professor to the chair and threaten to kill him. --- Tinpinlady

Dumb and Dumber
The boys duct tape a dead parakeet's head back on and sell the bird to the blind kid next door as a pet.

Snow Dogs
Snow dogs cuba uses duct tape to attach himself to the dog sled. --- B. Santana

Tommy Boy
When Tommy returns home from college his "luggage" is a garbage bag held together with duct tape.

John Carpenter's Vampires:
The girl who was bitten, is laying nude and tied in a motel bed. She's only wearing some duct tape over her mouth.

The Last Witness
The girl (Natasha Henstridge) is tied up with duct tape by terrorists. It is funny because they cut the tape using a big knife.

American Psyco
When the killer is thinking to kill his secretary, open a kitchen cupboard and we can see a few rolls of duct tape in different colors (grey/black)

The Gift
A boy with mental problems tied his father to a chair with duct tape and lit it on fire.

Joy Ride
In Joy Ride, Leelee Sobieski's character is caught by the bad guy, who tapes her to a chair, and rigs a shotgun to the door... all with duct tape! Good or bad? I guess it depends which side of the door you're on.

Cool Runnings
In the movie about the Jamacian bobsledders, when they first see their bobsled, it appears to be held together with duct tape.

Down to You
Shoebox of memories was reinforced with duct tape.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
(unseen) In Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope, Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) did not wear a bra. Instead, she was supported by duct tape. This has been one of those Star Wars legends circulating for years about how certain effects were achieved. --- Michael

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn
Duct tape was used by Ash (Bruce Campbell) after he cut off his hand that "the evil had gotten into". He used duct tape and some towels to absorb the blood until he could get an appropriate hand replacement (in this case a chainsaw...).

Saving Silverman
Duct tape is used to secure a video camera to a post in the garage where the kidnapped Judith is being held.
(good idea - bad circumstances)

Fire Birds
In the movie "Fire Birds", they duct tape a pair of panties and a parascope to Nicholas Cage's head to help him battle an eye dominance problem. --- Thanks to Ian MacDonald

Duct Tape Forever
Red Green's "Duct Tape Forever" features duct tape through and through. What else would you expect from Canada's premiere duct tape evangelist.

Jimmy Nuetron Boy Genius
Jimmy was using gray duct tape to repare his rocket, in the scene where they are getting ready to launch themselves to the funky planet where their parents are. --- Thanks to Kevin F.

Beethoven (1)
They use Duct tape to cover their broken RV windshield, and they also use it to hold a mirror to the side of the RV.

The evil guy duct tapes a control panel to the elevator wall and uses it enable his detonator.
Murder Live
The bad guy duct tapes a bomb detonator device in his hand and secures the host/hostage with duct tape.

Broken Arrow
Christian Slater uses military duct tape to make a bomb out of a gas can and a flare. -- thanks t.o Doug Preston (Good and/or bad depending on whose side you are on.)

A brother and sister take matters into their own hands to find their parents who have crashed in a remote area of Alaska. The film follows their trials and tribulations as they try to locate them. Duct tape is used to fix a canoe that has loads of holes in it, so that it is river worthy. There is also a gagging sub-text to the use of the duct tape, as the sister tells the brother that she brought it so that she could tape up his mouth if he got too annoying! --- Thanks to Simon in the UK
Black Hawk Down
In Black Hawk Down, that one guy uses duct tape to make a cross on the top of his car so the Americans can see it from above from a helicopter.The guy takes them to where Aidid (the bad guy) is supposed to be. Also, when the soldiers are getting ready to go into the city, they use tape to secure things to their clothes .You never really see the tape,but it sounds a lot like duct tape being pulled off the roll. --- Sparky

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
The Marlboro Man's boots are held together with duct tape, and he can clearly be seen repairing the boots with duct tape. Also, in the end, those duct taped boots help him to defeat the main villain.

Lethal Weapon (1)
Mel Gibson's cop friend and wife are bound and gagged with duct tape when intruders break into their house. - Thanks to Simon in the UK

Big Mama’s House
Malcom uses duct tape to secure his Big Mama mask on the neckline when the mask starts peeling off. When asked about the duct tape on "her" neck, Big Mama replied that it’s great for removing unwanted hair.

Canadian Bacon
A guy attempts to commit suicide by wrapping himself in duct tape and driving over the edge of Niagara Falls. His car's bottom gets torn up and it stops right before the Falls. He tries to jump off, but the roll of duct tape which is still attatched to him gets caught on the railing and he has to sit there until someone rescues him. (He's one of the good guys so I'd
call it a bad use.) --- Mr. Poo

Tie me up, Tie me Down
An arty film from the early 1990's starrring Antonio Banderas. He kidnaps a woman and keeps her tied and gagged with white duct tape at some points of the movie. - Thanks to Simon from the UK

I've Been Waiting for You
Stars Sarah Chalke and Ben Foster, a kind of slasher movie involving witches and spooky goings on. One of the boys in the film is pursued by a baddie and is fouud gagged with duct tape by one of the other male characters. - Thanks to Simon from the UK

Under Pressure
This stars Charlie Sheen who terrorises his neighbours, a middle class family, after the death of his wife pushes him over the edge. At one point he kidnaps the husband who is next seen with his hands tied with rope and securely gagged with duct tape. - Thanks to Simon from the UK

Christian Slater is tied up and gagged with duct tape by the bad guys. - Thanks to Simon from the UK

Family Business
Starring Mathew Broderick, Sean Connery and Dustin Hoffman. They plan some kind of bank heist and the unfortunate security guard is tied and gagged with duct tape. - Thanks to Simon from the UK

Panic Room
In the movie Panic Room, the robbers use duct tape to tape the hose to the propane tank, which was used to attempted to get the people out of the 'Panic Room'. Duct tape was also used to tape up the vent to keep the propane from entering the 'Panic Room', but it failed. --- Megan Thanks - those are good, bad or everyday uses - depending on who is applying them.

Another bad use of duct tape - kidnapping. The Boys hads are duct taped, his legs are tied together, and his mouth duct taped shut.

Rockin’ in the Bronx
(A good use - by the bad guys.) The bad guys are chasing Jackie Chan in a hovercraft. Jackie downs them by slicing one side of the hovercraft, deflating it. But they it going again later by duct taping the cut together.
Down Periscope
The athlete attaches a light to the periscope with duck tape so it looks like a fishing boat.

The Bone Collector
Bad, evil, nasty guy uses duck tape to gag his victims.

Home Alone Two
In Home Alone Two one of the bad guys (I think it's Marv) uses duct tape by wrapping it around his hands so he can steal people's hat's, scarves and loose change? I think they were going to call themselves "the Sticky Bandits". --- Rick

Home Alone Three
The bad guys duct tape Mrs. Hess to a chair in her garage. --- thanks to KingX
Joe Dirt
They used duct tape to strap the tank of poop to the seat of the car and to strap Joe to the tank of poop. And, Joe Dirt he uses it to tape an urn to his rearview mirror.

The Mask
The bad guys duct tape Cameron Diez's character to a palm tree in the club with explosives at her feet.

Toy Story
Sid duct tapes Buzz to the rocket (good if you are trying to get somewhere quickly, but probably a bad idea in general).

Toy Story II
Al duct tapes the boxes he's shipping off to Japan.

Veggie Tales - The Toy that Saved Christmas
In Larry's Silly Song, a box of soap flakes is duct taped to a stick and shook above the window to make "snow."

Duct tape is used as a straightjacket and muzzle when one of the crew members goes insane

Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Duct tape is used twice: First to tie up a security guard and again to place some bombs.

Blues Brothers 2000
Elwood duct tapes two Russian goons and leave them in an alley. (Bad use, good considering the situation)

Airforce One
The badguys use duct tape to tie Harrison Ford's (the President) hands behind his back.

In the movie UHF, Weird Al Yankovic duct tapes a bouquet of flowers to his ex-girlfriend's door, trying to win her back. --- Bassmonkey

Along Came a Spider
Bad woman agent uses duct tape to tape boxes after killing second kidnapper. (good use, bad situation)

Edward Scissor Hands
Edward duct tapes the edges of his blades before he goes to the can so he won't cut himself. --- Chris

Final Destination
A horror flick about some evil force causing airplane crash, people getting killed in general, etc. I only caught part of the clip where one of the young actors starts ripping off a bunch of duct tape to cover part of a doorway and I think put on walls-not sure why duct tape was going to protect him from the evil force but I remember the use of it nevertheless. --- submitted by cdhardyAlex uses duct tape to cover up nails and other sharp objects so he cannot hurt himself or get killed! --- Sherman
Reservoir Dogs
A cop duct taped to a chair and gagged with strip of duct tape before bad guy cuts his ear off. --- submitted by cdhardy

Danny Devito's character uses it to secure Ms. Crock to the chair after he kidnaps her.

Patrick Dempsey gagged tight with duct tape by corrupt cops. --- submitted by cdhardy

Criminal Hearts
Kevin Dillon is silenced with duct tape by bad guys. --- submitted by cdhardy

Tom Berringer’s Marine dwelling (tent/hut?) has maps and papers duct taped to the wall.

From Dusk Till Dawn
When Quentin Tarentino’s character is shot through the hand in this vampire-shoot-’em-up movie, he repairs the wound with a little paramedic-on-a-roll—duct tape

The Sixth Day
Three uses reported by Jessie H. - good and bad...
Good (being in the good guy’s hands) - Arnold Scwartzenegger used it to duct tape a lunch box closed in which he was carrying a gun.
Good (being in the good guy’s hands) - Arnold used it to tape a bomb to an oxygen tank.
Bad (being in the bad guys’ hands) - The bad guys used it to tape up Arnold's family. And Jake reports another good use: the clone Arnold uses it to repair his garage door.

Whatever It Takes
A girl goes to a party and she's bored she sits down and looks and this guy is totally wrapped up in duct tape. And she says, "wanna dance?" --- Jackie Huff (Good question.

Cats and Dogs
There is duct tape on the handle of a backhoe with a crusher arm. --- Daniel May

Scream 3
Toward the end, Dewy and Gale get caught and they are gagged with duck tape. (Dewy and Gale=Good guys)

Sigourney Weaver's character Ripley duct tapes two guns together in order to go back to rescue the little girl Newt .

Idle Hands
Scott Green's character duct tapes his friend's severed head back on so he can eat a burrito, funny stuff. --- Mike Olson
Severed head = bad, Taping it back on to eat burritos = good!

Charlie’s Angels
The computer geek draws red lips on duct tape and tapes Drew Barrymore’s mouth shut after tying her to a chair. --- Jenny C.
Good or bad use depending on how you feel about Drew... Hey, he could have used the red duct tape and skipped the lipstick.

In the Disney movie "Hounded" a boy is stuck with his principal's dog, which he accidentally kidnapped and the dog is chasing him around biting him. He catches it under a laundry basket then duct tapes the basket to the floor to keep it there. Although the animal rights activitists nor the ASPCA might not agree with us, we give this one a green ball.

Trading Places
Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroid and Jamie Lee Curtis' characters duct tape the mouth of their foil shut prior to placing him in a gorilla suit and caging him with a live gorilla that was placed on the train by Frankin and Davis (as baggage handlers). We rated this both good and evil usage of duct tape since it was the mouth of the bad guy getting duct taped shut.

Major League
Tthe baseball team has a horrible plane they fly in and in one scene they show the pilot fixing the propeler with what appears to be white duct tape.

Conspiracy Theory
Mel Gibson’s character is duct taped by his wrists and ankles to constrain him while being given an injection.

Breaking Away
Duct tape is used to tape the pro biker's feet to his bike after he sprains his ankle.

Mission: Impossible 2
Ethan Hunt uses duct tape to gag and tie up the bad guy that he disguises as himself! Gagging and tying up: probably the most common use for duct tape in movies! Let's all work to get this changed.

Apollo 13
Duct tape is used to modify a CO2 scrubber unit from the command module to fit the LEM - the object being to remove CO2 from the air while being transported back to earth. Without duct tape, the astronauts would have suffocated on their own exhalation. Read more of the real story by clicking here.

Analyze This
They duct tape a car trunk shut because there is a dead body in it. --- Franko, WKCD
Taping the car trunk shut, good (I've got a car like that). Dead body in trunk, bad (that smell is hard to get rid of).
Billy Crystal is driving and rear-ends a car. In the car are some mobsters who have a kidnapped hostage in the trunk of their car. When they get hit from the rear by Billy Crystal, their trunk lid flys open and you can see the hostage in the trunk, all taped up with duct tape. One of the thugs distracts Billy Crystal while the other holds down and duct tapes the trunk lid shut. As they drive off, duct tape is wrapped around the back end of the car and criss-crossed to hold the trunk lid closed with the hostage inside. --- thanks to Jim Aken

That Darn Cat
The bad guys in "That Darn Cat" used duct tape to keep the kidnapees quiet. It’s the newest version of the movie. --- submitted by Drew Gumble (Who mentions that Duct Tape: The Movie is FULL of duct tape! - Good Point, Drew! Order yours here.)

Dill Scallion
The main character Dill, an aspiring country performer, uses duct tape to fix something on the roof of his trailer. --- submitted by PuNx...

Let's not forget "Hannibal" Was it duct tape over Commendatore Pozzi's (sp?) mouth??? --- submitted by Connie
Thanks a lot, we were TRYING to forget Hannibal.

Natural Born Killers
Before forcing his way out of prison, Woody's character duct tapes two guns to the heads of the warden and a guard(?). Then to assure that he would not lose his grip while running I think he also taped his hands to the triggers. --- Kevin

Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck (John Candy) duct tapes "Bugs" hands and throws him into the trunk. The duct tape is clearly visible when Buck beans Bug in the head with a golf ball using his trusty 5 wood. --- submitted by Frank

Nine to Five
The girls duct tape their boss (Dabne Coleman) when abducting him. Again, good or bad use depending on whether you like Dabne or not.

Die Hard I and II
Bruce Willis use duct tape to carry a gun in his back. Good idea - gun:bad.

Red Planet
Duct Tape is used as a bandage to suport a guy’s broken rib. --- Vettekid

The Matrix
Duct Tape covers computer screen borders (sometimes for no apparent reason) and is used to hold together a lot of their equipment on the Nebuchadnezzar. --- Hunter

In the movie "Hollowman" the heroine and her boyfriend are trapped in a freezer. Her boyfriend has been wounded by Hollowman and she uses a roll of duct tape that's laying in the freezer to bind up his chest! --- Tanidog

Almost Famous
Several sightings - on the greenroom wall prior to the band going on stage there is a big duct tape arrow. And on the stage floor duct tape (not gaffer's tape) is holding down cables. --- Tim

The Abyss
Good: Duct tape is used to secure the bad guys. And bad: Coffey, (a Navy SEAL who has gone berserk) uses duct tape to cover the mouth of Lindsey.

Urban Legends: Final Cut
Duct tape is used as a gag for Toby in the end. Since we don't know who Toby is, and haven't seen the movie, we don't know if this is a good or bad use.

Rumble in the Bronx
Duct tape is used to fix a hovercraft skirt. --- Dave of PA

The Ticket
Featuring Shannon Doherty. During the movie there was a fire in the cabin in which Shannon's character and her husband were staying. The husband ended up wearing an old coat that they found. The back of the coat was held together with duct tape. --- Valerie Starchuk

The Whole Nine Yards
They used to tape a dead guy to an x-ray machine in a dentist office so they could get a picture of his teeth so they could make a match to Jimmy the Tulips to see if he was the one dead or not. --- Bonnie from PA

Duct tape was used to bind and gag one of the good guys. Bad! Evil use of duct tape!

Leonard duct tapes Dodd's hands and mouth. --- MJRbball

Brendon Fraiser's character fixes a huge hole in his damaged torso with duct tape. And organ donor Stan (Chris Katan) tapes his stomach and forehead closed with ductape

Now and Then
Roberta uses duct tape to tape over her breasts because she thinks they are too big. --- Ally

Executive Decision
The guy who was supposed to defuse the bomb on the airplane was injured and was stabilized by being duct taped to a stretcher with massive amounts of duct tape for the rest of the movie.

A Few Good Men
At the beginning two Marines do a "code red" on another marine. They use duct tape to truss and gag him. This event is pivotal to the whole plot as the Marine dies and it sets in chain a whole train of other events. My thought is that if they were Marines they didn't do a good job with their code red, considering that there were two of them and they are meant to be soldiers, the victim isn't that well restrained or silenced.--- Simon

Scream One
Duct tape featured twice. At the beginning Drew Barrymoore's boyfriend is taped to a chair and gagged, before being gutted. Towards the end of the film the boy killers produce Neve Campbell's father, again trussed and gagged with duct tape. They are obviously duct tape pros as they use it generously and effectively, "duct tape gaggery" at its best (how about that for a new concept?!!). Makes a change from the cliche 3 inch strip of duct tape over the mouth routine that we are supposedly meant to believe silences someone - I'm not convinced - are you? --- Simon

They used duct tape to make circles on the sensors along with pop cans to make Dorothy 4 fly. --- Bonnie Rockland PA And by the way, it is DUCK® brand tape - our favorite!

From Dusk ’Til Dawn
George Clooney’s character’s brother gets shot in the hand and he stops the bleeding with duct tape. --- Lil Miss Froggie

Fight Club
Used duct tape to hold a cardboard together on the floor they fight on. Used duct tape to tape a detective's mouth shut. And, a guy is gagged with duct tape by Brad Pitt, et. al briefly in the movie. And, there is a box going around on the airport baggage carousel with lots of duct tape on it.

Boys on the Side
Drew Barrymore ties up her boyfriend with duct tape. Good or bad - depending on whether you like Drew and/or her boyfriend.

Tommy Boy
Two uses - car door hinge and duct taping flares and a clock to chest to look like a human bomb to get media attention for a good cause. So we give it two good uses.

Another Stakeout
In the movie another stakeout, the girl thinks Emilio Estevez is trying to kill her so she knocks him out the ties him up and uses a strip of duct tape over he mouth. Bad use depending on if you like Emilio Estevez or not. --- Tracy, GA

X-Scream (tv commercial)
We also just found this television commercial for X-Scream, the breathtaking ride in Las Vegas. Duct tape is used to prep a guy to ride the X-Scream. click here to watch the quicktime movie

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