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This page is thanks in great part to the online sleuthing of boomer Michael Lerner (born 1956). Please visit his 70's Tour site for more nostalgia.

NOTICE: We do NOT know where to find these toys - so please don't email us asking. All we can tell you with any degree of certainty is that you might find them on EBay.

Want to share your toy (or other Baby Boomer) memories? Just e-mail them with your name, city, state, and birth year. We’ll post them. Thanks!
(top left) Flying Fox (Remco196
(top right) Major Matt Mason (1967 Mattel)
(above)Finger Ding Dolls (Remco c1969)
(right) Poor Pitiful Pearl (1963 Horsman)
(below left) Wheelo (Maggie 1950s)
(below center) Eloise Rag Doll (American Character c1955)
(below right) Colorforms
(eft) Marx Mobile 1950s

(below) Creeper Crawlers ThingMaker (Mattel, circa 1965)

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