If you think duct tape is just for duct work, think again.
The Duct Tape Guys have thousands of other uses for what they call “The Ultimate Power Tool.” Authors of the million-copy best-selling Duct Tape Books and Calendars, Jim and Tim present creative, somewhat surreal duct tape prop comedy. These goofballs have performed their bizarre, G-rated show to audiences all over the world. Their laugh-out-loud “duct tape seminar” has received rave reviews from show producers and audiences alike.

The Duct Tape Guys are media magnets. They have been featured on well over 3000 radio and TV interviews (including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, FOX, and The Family Channel) and can be seen regularly on 150 episodes of The Discover Channel’s “Gimme Shelter” and on episodes of the TBS Superstation’s Man Made Movie. 2004, their tenth year of duct tape evangelism and the release of their sixth and seventh books, will assure that they maintain their high visibility in the media — that means big crowd draw for your shows!

Everyone knows someone (if not themselves) that uses and abuses duct tape on a daily basis. That’s what makes it such a universally funny product. Remember, it ain’t broke, it just lacks duct tape!

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Tim and Jim were real professionals. Working with our P.R. agency, they had a full slate of media interviews. Walking through the lobby before the show you could hear the crowd talking about their interviews. Great job!
––– Sherry Larsen, American Shows (Sacramento, CA)

We received $2 to $3 in media for every $1 we spent on the Duct Tape Guys. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND them. They are funny and yet, very professional.
––– Pat Riha Productions, Kansas City

“Absolute genius! To take a simple product like duct tape and create all of this...That’s just plain genius!” Recommended!Jerry Post, Vice President, Sears Hardware

Having the Duct Tape Guys perform at our home show was a pleasure! Their spirit of cooperation and their willingness to be accessible made our show fun for our visitiors and especially our staff. We plan to bring them back in the near future! Great guys! Recommended! --- Builder’s Association of Erie Pennsylvania

Great guys! Great fun! Created media attention. REALLY Nice Guys! Recommended! --- Semco/Atlanta Home Show

We heard many compliments on your performance. People walked away from your show with smiles on their faces. Recommended.
--- American Shows of California

Thanks so much for all your hard work and humor. You guys made our home show a terrific success. Everybody enjoyed your act and is very interested in having you back next year in a larger venue! — Recommended.
--- Jake Loyer, MIS Director

Very accommodating! Tim and Jim delivered on all promises and then some.
--- Tom Martin, Harrisburg Home Builders Show

The Duct Tape Guys are easy to work with. We booked the act very late. With greater lead time we feel this could definitely be a draw for male attendees. We will hire them again. Recommended.
--- Expositions, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio

The hardware industry can’t go wrong with these guys! They know hardware and they know how to have a good time! Recommended.
--- Rick Gomez, Orchard Supply Hardware [How-To Fairs producer]

[Our client] to say how much he appreciated the effort from you guys and truly how pleased he was with the impact you made throughout the day.
--- Brian Hippler, Manco Regional Account Team Leader

The Duct Tape Guys outdrew all of our other stage events by a substantial margin. They’re comin’ back! Recommended.
--- Milwaukee Realtors' Home and Garden Show

The phones went nuts! You guys are just the best! — The Don Weeks Show, WGY Albany, New York

“We came to this show today because we saw you guys on TV [or, heard you guys on the radio].” — audience members at every home show we work

There is an interesting cultural movement on duct tape in the US. People are using it for far more than just repairs. The Duct Tape Guys have a strong following. Any time the media (TV, radio, print..) is looking for a person to interview on the subject, The Duct Tape Guys are first on the interview list. --- Gary Medalis, Vice President Marketing, Duck® brand Products

“The hardware industry can’t go wrong with these guys! They know hardware and they know how to have a good time!”
--- Rick Gomez, Orchard Supply Hardware [How-To Fairs producer]

“The most fun we've had on our show in six years (and I'm pretty darn funny)!”
— Don Zeaman, Homefront

“These guys are charming!” — The Osgood File, CBS Radio

“Hysterical! We laughed so hard, phlegm came up!” — WSNY, Columbus, OH

“We've never had so many callers on ANY topic (duct tape). The phone rang for three days!” — FM-100, Memphis, TN

“The Duct Tape Guys really held a captive audience (even without the inappropriate use of duct tape). Their twisted humor puts home improvement in a whole new light.” — National Public Radio

“You guys are great! Really funny stuff!”
— The Home and Family Show

“Possibly the thinnest premise for a show we ever had and it went on for hours! Great fun!”— Bill Gross, CBS Radio

“Tim, the Duct Tape Guy is the best guest I've ever had.” — Steve Winzenberg, WHO Radio, DesMoines, IA

I got about eight hours notice you would be on, and was assured you would be a great guest... and it was true! Many thanks, and I look forward to talking with you again. I got a lot of good feedback on your appearance today, and I laughed my ass off, sincerely! I hope the publishing world is making you filthy rich - you deserve it! --- Lee Jolly, KLDE, Houston

We strive to be the best entertainment that you have ever hired! To assure that we keep improving toward this goal, we use this Feedback form.

Quick, What’s the Ultimate Power Tool?

According to Jim and Tim - the Duct Tape Guys, duct tape is "The Ultimate Power Tool." Jim Berg and Tim Nyberg are brothers-in-law who have co-authored six [seven in the fall of 2004] books and nine Page-A-Day® Calendars (selling well over 1.5 million copies to date) detailing the many uses of duct tape.

Their books, calendars and web site (www.ducttapeguys.com) chronicle over 5000 uses of duct tape and there is no end in sight. "Every day people send us new uses for duct tape. The nice thing about duct tape," explains Nyberg, the more outspoken of the duo, "is that it comes with no instructions. That way it doesn’t limit your creativity and allows guys like us to write books about its uses."

Besides writing books and spreading the "Gospel of Duct Tape" throughout the world, Jim and Tim plan on making a third a run for president in 2004. They claimed "there is nothing that duct tape cannot fix (including the U.S. Government)". Jim, the worker bee of the duo says, "It ain’t broke, it just lacks duct tape!"

The "Duct Tape Book(s)" are available at your local bookstore, or through the Duct Tape Guys' web site: www.ducttapeguys.com. Their fourth book, The Jumbo Duct Tape Book (over 450 pages) was released the fall of 2000 from Workman Publishing and sold over 300,000 in just one year. Their fifth book Duct Shui, is a hilarious parody of Feng Shui(click to www.ductshui.com for excerpts). And the "sixth book in their trilogy" features over 101 costume ideas made with duct tape, The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book. Fall of 2004 will bring the release of their largest publishing effort yet, The Duct Tape Bible.

(Electronic images for publicity are available for downloading by clicking here.)

Additional Press Release:

The Duct Tape Guys, Tim Nyberg and Jim Berg, are two everyday guys who have dedicated their lives to duct tape. As the authors of five books documenting hundreds of real and wacky uses for duct tape, Jim and Tim are constantly on the lookout for wildly creative uses of "The Ultimate Power Tool." Their books (The Duct Tape Book, Duct Tape Book Two, Real Stories, and The Ultimate Duct Tape Book, The Jumbo Duct Tape Book, Duct Shui, The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book, Stump the Duct Tape Guys and over a decate of Page-A-Day® calendars) have sold nearly three million copies, a testament to the universal appeal of duct tape.

It all started on Christmas Eve, 1993. The power was out in the small Northeastern Wisconsin town where Jim and Tim’s family was gathering for the holiday. Jim made the comment, "I bet if I knew where the power outage was, I could fix it with duct tape." Tim, (Jim’s brother-in-law) who grew up on lesser tapes (masking and transparent tape), didn’t understand how duct tape could solve the problem. Jim’s wife replied, "Oh, Jim fixes everything with duct tape!? They proceeded to list some of the things duct tape has fixed in their household. "There’s a book in here!" Tim thought. He got out his laptop computer and the entire family sat around brainstorming uses for duct tape. So, on this cold, dark winter night, "The Duct Tape Guys" were born.

Outside of their duct tape world, Tim Nyberg is a graphic designer, and advertising/marketing consultant in Wisconsin. Jim Berg is an educator/administrator in Wisconsin. Together, they don their "Duct Tape Guy" apparel and become Duct Tape Evangelists making appearances around North America at home shows, conventions, comedy clubs, and on thousands of radio and television stations.

In addition to the Duct Tape Book series, Jim and Tim have also co-authored "Golf on the Tundra", and "The WD-40 Book."

Call Tim at 612-240-6679 to schedule an interview.

With over 2000 duct tape interviews under his belt and a background in morning drive radio comedy, Tim is a sure bet as an in-studio or phone-in guest. He's as quick a wit as anyone out there. Stations always give rave reviews and constantly recommend The Duct Tape Guys on national prep services.

Got a TV Show? The Duct Tape Guys’ act is jam-packed with GREAT PROP COMEDY.
You know what that means… their act is perfect for your talk show, or light news segments. They can squeak tons of humor into as little as two minutes or they can fill an entire hour if you turn them lose. Whichever it is, you'll have tons of fun with The Duct Tape Guys.

Suggested general Duct Tape interview questions:

  • What's so special about duct tape?
  • Why a book (even books) about duct tape?
  • Who invented duct tape?
  • What are some of your favorite uses?
  • Your book has some hints for animal lovers. Could you share some of them with us?
  • Tell us about some of the inventions you've made with duct tape.
  • In book two you've gathered hints from people all over the world. Did you find that a certain type of person is more apt to use duct tape?
  • I couldn’t help but notice that some of the hints are rather far-fetched. For instance, "Duct Tape pigeons to your head for that flyaway hair look." There are actual usable hints in your books too, aren’t there?
  • Also in book two, you and Jim tour the world fixing famous buildings and statuary.... (Bragging time for the duct tape guys.)
  • Apparently, sales of your books are going very well.... Would you recommend the duct tape books as a gift?
  • I understand that you have a book called, Duct Shui - what is Duct Shui?
  • How can our listeners/audience contribute their ideas to your campaign?

More interview briefings including "Top Ten Uses for Duct Tape" associated with major holidays and events, and wacky media stunts, are located at our web site. Click here.

For a print resolution photos click here.

  • Our Signature Duct Tape Stand-Up Prop Comedy
    (20 to 30 minutes of wacky, G-rated, humor)
  • Stump the Duct Tape Guys (audience challenge)
  • Duct Tape Fashion Show (audience participation - advance media required)
  • Educational: Brainstorming with Duct Tape
  • Duct Tape Guys Tape the World Tour (a short travelogue/slideshow - lcd projector and screen required)
  • Duct Tape Art Contest (on the spot creations - requires Duck® sponsorship)
  • Vote The Duct Tape Party (political press conference parody)
  • Duct Shui (Using duct tape to achieve harmony and positive energy - a parody of Feng Shui. Requires LCD projector and screen.)

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