Without question, Trading Spaces is the most popular home decorating show. We love to watch what happens (good or bad) when people trade spaces and remodel each other's domain. It's part how-to, part game show, and part reality TV. This phenomenally successful show is ripe for parody and who better to parody a home decorating show than the sultans of stick, the doctors of duct, Jim and Tim - the Duct Tape Guys.

This web site will collect and feature your homegrown duct tape decorating achievements (which we may also feature in an upcoming book), and also solicit photos your own "problem rooms" that The Duct Tape Guys will visit and "fix" armed with only duct tape and their imaginations. The results will be video taped and photographed for possible television parody segments and in our upcoming "Taping Spaces" book.

If you have a space that you would like Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys to "improve" using only duct tape and their imaginations, let us know about it. Snap a digitial photo and email it along with a brief description of your "problem room", your name, city/state, and phone number. If we think your room is a worthy candidate, we'll show up with a camera crew and redecorate your room at no charge. your entry. Have you used duct tape and your imagination to redecorate a room of your house? Send us your photos and we'll post the for all the world to see. Your entry may also appear in our upcoming book, "Taping Spaces". your entry.

Coming soon: Taping Spaces case studies.

By submitting your photos and information, you are accepting that your materials may be used by Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys, Octane Creative, Workman Publishing, and their assignees without further permission and/or compension. To protect your anonymity, we will only publish your first name and last initial, city and state/providence.

Taping Spaces is a parody of Trading Spaces. References to "Trading Spaces" in this web site, book, and in broadcast or cablecast media are made under the various provisions of U.S. intellectual property law, including U.S. copyright law, which protects unauthorized revereneces and uses when made "for purposes of criticism [and] commment." Parody qualifies as fiar use" of copyrighted material and images in accordance with the U.S. Supreme Court's opinion in Campbell vs. Acuff-Rose Music, inc., 510 U.S. 569 (1994). This web site, book and spin-offs are not a Trading Spaces nor TLC production, nor are they authorized by, or have any affiliation, connection, or association with Trading Spaces or TLC. This material is presented soley for entertainment as a humorous parody.