Stained Glasses cartoons by Tim Nyberg most often are a commentary on all things "christian," "religious," and/or "Biblical." They jab at all of the bizarre stuff (crap) that's done in the name of Christianity. And, sometimes they're just frivilous brain farts for Tim's amusement (and hopefuly yours). The series was originally named "Holy Crap!" but sanitized for your protection by people who would qualify for the job of Diplomat light years before Tim. The cartoons are featured in The Wittenburg Door (R.I.P.).

Like The Wittenburg Door, Stained Glasses takes its inspiration from Martin Luther who, in 1517, nailed 95 feces - err, theses - on the door of the Schlosskirche (castle church) in an attempt to affect change in the church, thus sparking the Reformation. While Tim holds no illusion about ushering in Reformation II, the sequel, he does hope that some feathers might be ruffled, thought provoked and funny bones tweaked.

Further inspiration comes from a friend whose quote some three decades ago still rings truer to Tim than any he's ever heard: “God is not ridicuous."

Tim Nyberg (aka Tim, the Duct Tape Guy ducttapeguys.com) has been a graphic designer and illustrator for over three decades. Now, much of his career is spent shlemping duct tape via his best-selling humor series, "The Duct Tape Books." This detour into publishing and entertaining has freed up Tim's time to start painting again (his paintings are often used as the art in these cartoons). More of Tim's art may be viewed at galleryfortytwo.com.

Tim invites your ideas for cartoons - credit for the "assist" will be noted.

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