Web site development / design fees from Octane Media

Click here to see a portfolio of Octane Creative’s web design work.
Octane Creative provides complete design services for web sites from creative consultation through implementation.
The ala carte prices in the table below will offer you a guide to determining approximate costs.
Proofs and final gifs will be delivered quickly and conveniently via e-mail.
All categories may be purchased separately. All samples shown remain the property of their respective owners.

Call 651/493-0694 or e-mail tim@octanecreative.com to place your request or for more information.





Static Gif Banner 

shown half size

 $150 includes art 
Animated Gif Banner   

shown approx.half size

 $150 includes art
 up to three frames additional $40 each
Graphic button with gif conversion   $30 each  reduced price each for ten or more
 Logo Development  
see more samples here 
here for package pricing
from $1400
 Logo conversion to GIF for use on web    $25.00 from computer file (pict or raw photoshop preferable)

scan from art add $20.00+ clean-up fee as necessary

 Site award icon development   $100.00   from your idea or Octane Design Team Concept
Graphic Gif/Head Development    $100.00
price represents an average cost of design 
 Animated Gif    $120.00  includes original art and up to three frames animation
 Art Scan and gif conversion    $30.00 each  Tweeking of art in photoshop additional at $150.00 per hour
 Table Development
billed hourly half hour minimum
 Keyboarding Typing in your copy (save money -- type yourself and send it to me e-mail or on disk as a text file) billed hourly half hour minimum 
 Web Site Uploading and Management  We will work with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or
suggest one for you. We do not host web sites at Octane.
billed hourly half hour minimum
Creative Consultation Time   We have created PR, marketing and advertising programs for everyone from churches to Fortune 500 Companies
Our FRESH CREATIVITY is priceless, and priced very reasonably.
billed hourly half hour minimum

*Prices subject to change without notice - these are approximate for estimation purposes only.