E-Mail us jpg or gif photos of your jocks (like the ones below). We will actually make them funnier and less scarey looking by driving them through the Octane Caricature Service Garage.
Our fee for this service is a mere $175 (U.S.) per head. Jocks with two heads on one body will be discounted to $310 (because we always felt sorry for the sideshow freaks and are glad to see that a few of them found careers in radio).
If you don’t have a scanner, you can MAIL your photos to: Octane, P.O. Box 130066 Roseville, MN
(If you want the photos returned, send a self-address stamped envelope.) In either case, we will post the caricatures on a special web page for you to pick up as soon as your check arrives in our P.O. Box.

Questions? Call Tim

Is your station's or show's logo spinning its wheels in the seventies? Was it designed by your secretary?
Time to rework that mother! Click below for more information: