Sometimes all you need is a simple, one page "web business card" site.

Octane will design a simple one page web site, secure your URL (web address), set up forwarding of the URL,
arrange for email forwarding to your new web address AND host your page for you for a flat fee of $300.*
Your site will be live within one business day!
We will also assist you in META tag creation and search engine registration/placement to assure that people will find you on the web.

This is a one-page site with your logo, contact information, and brief information about your company.
You can include one more graphic or photo if you wish.

Call Tim at 651/493-0694 or e-mail to place your request or for more information.

*The set up and design fee does not include the URL registration fee - which we bill at cost (registration rate is as low at $7 per year). That means that if your business name is ACME Stuff, we will register (or any available name that is acceptable to you). The registration method that we use will allow for email forwarding - so automatically forwards to your current email. Price subject to change and will be verified at time of order.