George Ouimette

I use clay in combination with other media such as wood, metal or paper to create a one-of-a-kind sculptural piece. Although the sculpture is primarily clay, it is often the other mediums that set the tone for what the clay will do.  I collected branches while walking in the woods. The branches suggest interesting lines or negative space between the partings of a branch in which clay shapes or forms can be built. This begins the process and the elements and principles of art are a constant consideration throughout the process.  The elements and principles of art are both used and challenged until the piece is finished.

There are many possibilities suggested by the branches and it is really just a matter of deciding which direction to go.  Various clays, building techniques and finishes are used depending upon the image I envision for the piece. Finishing the sculptural work takes as much time as building the clay form. That final step is attaching the wood to the clay using wooden or steel pins and pegs.