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Suggested interview questions:

What got you interested in practical jokes?

What's the best practical joke or prank you've ever been a part of (either as the target or the joker)?

Why pull a practical joke?

Who is the best target?

What's the difference between a good practical joke and a bad one?

What goes into a good practical joke?

Have you ever had a practical joke go completely wrong?
What should you do such in such a circumstance?

What should you do if you find yourself the target of a practical joke?

Any advise for novice pranksters?

Where can our listeners pick up your books?

Thanks for the interview! If you enjoyed it, please share the info on your favorite prep service. - Tim

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captions: The Practical Joker's Handbook: The Sequel,
Author Tim Nyberg in his thinking cap.

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Looking for more practical jokes? Tim Nyberg is back again with The Practical Joker’s Handbook: The Sequel (Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, $12.99, April 2010) a follow up to the wildly popular The Practical Joker’s Handbook.

This latest collection of all-new practical jokes is just as entertaining and diabolical as the first. After sifting through the dangerous, meanspirited, and potentially litigious jokes submitted by fans to Nyberg’s Web site, The Practical Joker’s Handbook: The Sequel is a sly collection of new jokes to play at home, work, school, or anywhere. A sampling of new pranks include:

• I Only Like the Chocolate
Leave a dish of plain peanuts sitting out on a coffee table. Offer them to your next visitor. After they’ve eaten a few, explain that you really don’t like peanuts—you just suck the chocolate off them.

• Congratulations Are Out of Order
Decorate the front of a friend’s house/apartment door with streamers and a big sign saying something unexpected and/or inappropriate, such as: “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” or “Just married!”

• Sorry, Bad Aim
Carry a little filled squirt gun with you into the restroom. Stand at the urinal and dispense a couple of good squirts onto your neighbor’s shoe. “Oops! Sorry. Bad aim!”

Based on the Nyberg philosophy that “It’s only a good practical joke if both parties (eventually) find humor in the prank,” this new companion guide will give all practical jokers something to smile about.

About the Author:

Tim Nyberg is a graphic designer and illustrator who, along with his brother-in-law, Jim Berg, created the enormously popular Duct Tape book and calendar series. Tim appears regularly on radio and television shows promoting his creative, offbeat humor books. He lives in Door County, Wisconsin.

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