A veteran of morning drive-time radio improv humor, Tim Nyberg (aka Tim, the Duct Tape Guy) gives a great interview. He'll motor-mouths his way through any amount of time that you allow him. The Practical Joker Handbook allows Tim to pontificate on his love a practical joking. Email Tim to arrange an interview.

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Interview Briefing

Talking with Tim Nyberg (also known as Tim, the Duct Tape Guy) - you have a new book out on the humor shelves, "The Practical Joker's Handbook." What dragged you away from duct tape to write this book?

The book is composed of practical jokes created by you, your friends and...

Let's start with some safety concerns. Do you have any "rules" for safe practical joking?

The book is nicely divided into sections - home, office, car... give us some examples.

The book also has recipes! Cooking up mischef. Could you reveal one of the recipes in the book?

Say someone reads your book and has a practical joke that you haven't documented. Are you looking for more practical jokes? (www.practicaljokebook.com)

How can our listeners (viewers/readers) pick up "The Practical Joker's Handbook?"

Review copies for interviews can be acquired through Courtney Moilanen (email CMoilanen@amuniversal.com) at Andrews McMeel Publishing or fax your request on station letterhead to: 816.931.5018

Press Release (for release May 1, 2004)

Mischief Meets Revenge in The Practical Joker's Handbook
"The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter" -Mark Twain

Looking to add some much-needed mischief and laughter into your mundane daily routine? Just wait until you get your hands on this new collection that serves as a how-to guide on annoying, tricking, and pulling the wool over the eyes of your unsuspecting victims. Made easily accessible by the man who rose to fame as one of the phenomenally popular "Duct Tape Guys," The Practical Joker's Handbook (Andrews McMeel Publishing, $12.95, May 2004), collected by Tim Nyberg, best-selling author and long-time practical joker, contains hundreds of tried and true methods to confound, confuse, and subsequently entertain your family, friends, coworkers, and yes, total strangers.

Nyberg has packed 176 pages with several hundred practical jokes in the hopes that people will learn to have more fun-and be able to laugh at their family and friends in the process. With the help of his web site (www.practicaljokebook.com), Nyberg spent six years collecting prank ideas from around the world. In chapters such as "Home Grown Humor," "Cookin' Up a Batch of Mischief," and "Phone Phunnies," The Practical Joker's Handbook provides numerous recipes for laughter, teaching readers how to:
* Jury-rig a toilet tank
* Temporarily hog-tie a coworker's computer mouse
* Create Hollywood-movie-style fake feces and vomit
* Make the car horn beep every time someone uses the brakes

Featuring some of the best and funniest practical jokes and hoaxes gathered from around the globe, The Practical Joker's Handbook is a one-of-a-kind collection that reminds everyone not to take life too seriously. This devious little handbook offers a hilarious collection of tips and tactics for bringing humor to your home, office, school, car-even your favorite dining establishment.

About the Author
Tim Nyberg has been a self-employed graphic designer and illustrator since 1978. But after the release of his first publishing effort, The Duct Tape Book, in 1995, he's been better known as one of the "Duct Tape Guys." Tim's ongoing goal as a writer is to entertain through nonoffensive, creative, and offbeat humor, which he's accomplished many times over.

The Practical Joker's Handbook by Tim Nyberg ~ Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 0-7407-4198-5 ~ Price: $12.95 ($18.95 Canada) ~ Paperback, 5 x 7, 176 pages

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Caption: The Practical Joker's Handbook, Andrews McMeel Publishing (2004)
Author: Tim Nyberg (aka Tim, the Duct Tape Guy)

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