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"Jana Nyberg has a big, elastic voice, and she knows how to use it..." - Bebopified.com

"Nyberg [has a] sultry, swaying voice and impeccable timing..." - JazzPolice.com

"I finally spun Fever and think it's terrific. When I eyed the tune list, I wondered how you would unify the album concept, but it really works - a great mix of standards, pop, and your own original material. Jana's singing is sheer spirit and personality (surprise surprise) - so engaging. Adam's filigree around Jana's melodies and his blowing choruses are inventive, tasteful, original - and I like the arrangements, too. Evan [guitar] supportively steps from foreground to background seamlessly with a broad range of colors - nice soloing, nice comping..." - Fred Sturm, Director of Jazz and Improvisational Music at the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music

“Jana’s voice is a delight to hear, everytime!!! It hits me like melting butter and I just want more and more!” - Jackie B., Vice President, Wells Fargo Regional Banking

"...There are so many moments when each instrument shines and the arrangements are stellar - especially Fever, which, as a song, i'm kinda tired of, but you guys breathe new life into it." - pat mAcdonald, Timbuk3/Purgatory Hill

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