Never satisfied.
That's sometimes how I feel. Or, not long satisfied. A painting that I was thought okay, isn't makin' it for me any longer. That's a good thing - it means "free canvas!" It also means an interesting base canvas with paint that adds to the new painting in both color and texture.

On this page you can see the results of some of those transformations. You might also see a before painting (on the left) that you wished to purchase - sorry - too late.

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(left) "Java Jacket" from the Caffiene and Acrylic show becomes "Bayer Works Wonders."

(lower left) "Junior Artist" sometimes I just want a paint-over because my style has changed - such is the case here.

"The Pusher" from the Caffeine and Acrylic show becomes "Some people are disturbed by clowns."
"Anticipating the Buzz" (turned upside down) from the Caffeine and Acrylic show becomes "The Amazing Brad, Soup Juggler."
{left) "untitled" becomes "The Rector's Dilemma."

(above) "Searching for Chops" becomes "Blue/Red"

(above) "Bluesday Afternoon" becomes "Adam Blows."

(right) "Mister Fourth of July" becomes "Red Headed Girl with Glasses and Braces."

(below) my least favorite of the Red Hatter series got pulled and reworked into "lipstick"

(left) Spin a Painting - "Turtles Don't Mind the Rain" turned around to get another take on the shapes that lie within becomes "Woman Carrying Vessel on Head."

(below left) "Sporange" an improv to jazz always had a face in it for me... so, the makeover became "Pinocchio as a Young Man"

(left) "Three-Part Waterscape" becomes "Something Tells Me We're Not in Kansas Anymore."
Red Hatter #4 (another of my least favorite red hatters) becomes"Man poses with feather."

"Lot's wife" becomes "Sometimes you just feel that way." (Yes, I felt that way when painting it...)

(above) "She dreams" becomes "Vistadome"

(below) "Apr├ęz le Rotier" becomes "The Father of our Country is Probably Embarrassed"

(above) "Happy Alien" becomes "Chairs Around the Table"

(below) "Hangin' Out" becomes "Redhead Woman in Black Evening Dress"

(above left) Sometimes I'm just not convinced... "Circus Geek" becomes "The Smilin' Juggler" becomes "Roy" becomess... (?)

(left) "jawbone of an Ass" a paint to music piece becomes "Robot Love"becomes "Billy knocks his own tooth out to get some one-on-one time with the cute playground monitor"

(below) "Stretch" becomes "Rhythms of Nature" - a paint to live jazz creation.

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