These are reference shots to help you choose and order the smaller original art pieces shown during the Facebook Live Fun Art Studio Sale.

You can order by emailing your desired piece(s) to:

When we get your request, we will check availability and then email you payment and delivery options.

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• Smilin' Eyes are generally 8" square and sell for $50 eacn
• Funky Faces are 8" square on wood panel and $70 each
• Little Villages are 6" square on wood panel and $50 each
• Cup of Warm paintings are 8" x 10" and $50 each (1 is 8" sq)
• Birds on Wood panels are 6" square for $50 each

   and 8" square $70 each
• Birds and Berries ar 4" by 6" and $30 each


Other larger paintings shown during the sale will be priced on the video and may be found here in our online gallery.

Let me know what you thought of this Facebook Live Sale! Remember that the video will stay posted following the sale.

If you are trying to find all of the art shown

and all originals currently available click here.