Being an avid golfer, Jim came up with these gems to help golfers everywhere improve their game with duct tape.

10. Forgot your golf shoes? Wrap any pair of shoes entirely in duct tape, sticky side out, for the ultimate pair of soft spikes.

9. Eliminate the stress of reading difficult slippery greens. Simply make a duct tape trough from your ball to the hole for an automatic one-putt.

8. Tired of constantly topping the ball? With duct tape you'll never look up again. Just slap a hunk of wadded up duct tape, sticky side out, under your chin and then tilt your head down so your chin and neck are fused... you'll never look up again!

7. Sunscreen is widely used by golfers, but it always leaves hands oily and slippery, making for dangerous club slippage. Duct tape is 100% UV protection on a roll! Just duct tape over all exposed skin... you're safe for the entire day (and so are your partners).

6. Many golfers suffer from the yips at one time or another over those nasty four footers... NOT ANY MORE! Just duct tape the putter right to your forearm... you're yip-free!

5. Regripping clubs is a thing of the past with duct tape. It's sure-grip on a roll! Note: wrap club grips sticky-side-out and never throw a club again!

4. Have your greens experienced unsightly winter kill over the off-season? Duck Brand duct tape is now available in green! Also makes great divot repairs.

3. Can't afford those fancy PRO V1 golf balls? Any ball wrapped in duct tape, sticky side out, will have that balata-like bite. Note: Distance may be decreased......or nonexistent.

2. Don't throw away that closet full of out dated plaid golf clothes. A layer of duct tape over your plaid pants and you'll be in vogue in minutes! Duct tape is fashion designer on a roll! Bonus hint: Forgot your umbrella or rain suit? Duct tape turns any apparel into rain gear. Play on!

1. Can't correct your hook or slice? Put a strip of duct tape on the face of your club to see exactly where you are striking the ball.

What the heck, let's make it eleven hints: (This one is from Tim who says that “golf is the only game that I can consistently score really high in!” He finally discloses how he managed to get 26 holes in one in one season.)
Hole-In-One Magic: Get a hole in one every time! Wrap your club face and ball in duct tape sticky-side-out. When you hit the ball it will fasten onto your club. As you pretend to watch your ball sail right to the green, secretly remove the ball from the club face and pocket the ball until you reach the hole where you reach into the cup and produce the ball. Note: this trick is best-used in the second round and a few visits from the Beer Lady.