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Earlier in this decade a genocide occurred in Rwanda, because of conflicts between the Hutus and the Tutsis. Millions were killed, and more suffered in unlivable conditions when they tried to escape from the country.

Now thousands upon thousands of men (and women) have been packed into the few prisons in Rwanda. There are so many residing within the walls of Kegali prison that most of them people never get a chance to walk around or stretch their limbs. Because the courts in Rwanda are so backed up with all the trials to be dealt with, and because of the exremely small number of lawyers in the country, most of the people imprisoned have no hope of ever receiving a trial, much less a fair one, and can expect to die in prison.

How can duct tape be used to ensure a speedy and fair trial for the people imprisoned in Rwanda, create more living space in Kegali prison, and prevent the atrocities of genocide from ever occuring on planet Earth again?

OK... It seems that some of you are missing the point of this "HUMOR SITE." Please phrase your questions so we are not attempting to derive humor, or win fabulous prizes, by capitalizing on hideous atrocities inflicted upon some of Earth’s less fortunate citizens, or from disease and/or death. - Duct Tape Guys