Where are the clowns? Send in the clowns... [she notices the Duct Tape Guys] Oh, don't bother, they're here. We met up with Judy Collins in Denver, where Judy gave us a great duct tape testimonial: "44 years on the road, I wouldn't be caught dead without my duct tape!"

Yes, she's seen duct tape from both sides now...
Clockwise from left: Bev DeJulio (PBS's Handy Ma'am), Chef Martin Yan, Chef Lawrence Chu, Chef Nick Stellino.
As Chef Chu sez: "If Yan can Cook, so can Chu!"
Clockwise from upper left: Richard Karn (Al), This Old House's Steve Thomas, Mary Lou Retton, and John Madden.
(left) The stars of "Abs of Tapiocca" pose with the star of "Abs of Steel". (below left) Mujibur - from Late Night with David Letterman. (below) With HGTV's Fix It Up hosts Jodi Marks and Pat Simpson.
(above and right) The Fly by Night Club's famous Mr. Whitekeys and female talent phenom - Alice Welling

(right) The Carey Bros. (guys who know how to fix stuff the right way) with Jim and me. They have a show called "On the House with the Carey Bros."

(left) Buddy Hackett (aka Scott Achstein) with Jim and Tim
(left) The Mole Man (Jeff Holper). Jeff is a master at getting rid of pests. Immediately after we took this photo, Jim disappeared!
(left) Here we are with celebrity hunk carpenter Andrew Dan-Jumbo from "While You Were Out." While he was out, we changed our names from Jim and Tim to Jumbo-Jim-Tim.

(below left) Tim and Jim with what be the worst mascot walking around a convention center anywhere... It's the Wagner Paint Remover mascot (we think). Obviously, our photographer was shaken by the scary sight of the mascot, too.

(below) Jill Cordes (HGTV and The Food Channel) puts up with two goofballs.

(above) Guy and the Guys... Food Network's Guy Fieri (host of Guy's Big Bite) takes to the air just prior to shutter click landing in Tim and Jim's arms and killing Tim's back. (The chiropractor bill will be in the mail, Guy.)

(below) Tim and Jackson Browne

(below) We did a home show with Rupert Boneham (Survivor winner and founder of "Rupert's Kids" ) in Indianapolis.