While an Olympics composed entirely of duct tape related events could be in the future, duct tape still plays an important part in today’s games.

Hold your own Duct Tape Olympics
Duct Tape Challenges and Party Games

Three-Legged Friends
Duct tape your leg to a friend's leg and walk around for 1/2 hour. Or, if you have enough to make teams, do the classic three-legged race.

Wrap/Unwrap (if you can)
Give each of two teams of two a twenty-yard roll of duct tape. The first team to wrap themselves in the roll wins round one. Then, the team that unwraps first, wins the second round. If you just have two people - take turns wrapping the other and see who can escape in the shortest time.

Crowning achievement
Place a roll of duct tape on your head like a crown and pass it through a line of people without using your hands, and without dropping the roll (placing the roll on each person's head).

Tape Jugglin'
Juggle three rolls of duct tape. Too easy? Try four or five. Make it an exhibition. Do it on a street corner and put out a hat for tips.

Pyramid Power
Make a pyramid of fifteen rolls of duct tape (in their wrappers) on their round sides. To qualify, the pyramid must stand in place for a full fifteen seconds.

Strong Arm Competition
Hold a jumbo roll of duct tape with a straight arm at a 90° angle from your body for as long as you can (go for a record).

Duct Tape Shuffleboard
Use wrapped duct tape rolls to slide to a target on a slippery floor. Three chances to hit target area.

Duct Tape Bowling
Roll rolls of duct tape toward a bowling pin(s) or other target. Two chances to hit target.

Fishing with Duct Tape
Make a duct tape line and hook (ball of sticky-side out duct tape) and try to remove paper fish from a bucket.

Head Stacker
With five rolls of duct tape, stacked on your head, walk 10 feet.

Duct Tape Ring Toss
Make colorful duct tape rings (folded over so there's no sticky side) and use them to play ring toss over a suitable target (like a stick poked in the ground outside, or a toilet plunger inside).

Duct Tape Skeeball
Set up duct tape rolls in a pattern and try to toss little duct tape balls into the center of the rolls.

Duct Tape Roll Hunt
Take turns hiding a roll of duct tape. Use "warmer" and "colder" to let people know their progress.

Duct Tape the __ on the __
Use duct tape instead of pins to tape whatever on whatever. For instance, the tail on the donkey, the trunk on the elephant, the toupee on the boss, etc..

Duct Tape Chipping
Get out your chipper and try to chip balls into duct tape roll targets. Too hard? Duct tape target areas on the floor and chip toward the target.

Duct Tape Sculpting Challenge
Use duct tape to sculpt things. Each of two teams gets the same item to sculpt. The team that guesses what the sculptor is making first, wins the round. Switch to a new sculptor each round.

Duct Tape Darts
Create a duct tape target on a wall. Make duct tape balls, sticky-side out, and try to get closest to center of the target. Remember that the tape on the wall may peel off the paint and/or layer of wallpaper. So removable paint masking tape might be the safer bet for the target.

Duct Tape Treasure Hunt
Put a specific number of little "treasure" pieces made using different colors of duct tape (a different color for each team). The team to find all of their colored duct tape pieces first wins.

Duct Tape Table Football
Remember the classic old folded paper triangle football game? We've improved it! The paper "pigskin" is now made with duct tape. Same little folded triangle (that is self-adhering), but the goal post uprights are made out of rolled duct tape stuck to the desk.

Duct Tape Roll
Each team gets the same size roll of duct tape. Find a slanted sidewalk or driveway (watch for cars), and have roll races. Mark the start and finish lines using duct tape.

Duct Tape Boat Race
Teams make little boats out of cardboard and duct tape. Each post should have a mast and a sail (made with duct tape). Put the boats in a lake or pool and see which reaches a down wind finish line first. If there is no wind, each team can have a designated "blower".
If you have a lot of contestants, award prizes for most creative boat design.

How Many Words?
Give each player a pen and paper and see how many different words can they make out of the words, DUCT TAPE PROS. Set a timer. The one with the most number of unique words (that nobody else thought of) wins.

Leo’s Story: Last March while we were at our local Cheverlot dealer, I filled out some questions concerning the Olympics, patriotism and anything I might of done good in my sorry 52 year old life. I've done plenty according to Salt Lake City because I received a letter 20 October stating I was a potiential relay torch runner. I ordered my torch...it cost me $335 but now is pulling down $2000 on E-Bay, the suit is free. On 26 December I got my spiffy snow suit and was given .3 of a mile to run, not .2 like most others. Chevy nominated 3500, Coca Cola 3500 and the Olympic dudes selected the balance of 4500 made up of celebrities & big shots.
I ran for 2nd shift peons like me ... cab drivers. hospital people, cooks, etc that miss everything that the normal 7-3 or 9-5 workers get to do. Voting official, blood donor, little league, church stuff, emcee at the local comedy club, veteran etc... all this stuff I listed. Like the invisible bomber called the 'STEALTH', so was I because they kept forgetting to list my sorry butt in any Olympic publicity in the local paper. The ovation while I carried with people chanting, "USA, USA, USA" was unbelievable! Perfect strangers in a crowd cheering me representing the USA's involvement in the Olympics was awesome!
Thank you for showing interest in my five minutes of fame that will last forever within me. In 10 years there will be another relay thru the USA so you guys get in shape & tape up! Thanks again! May the tape be with you! --- Leo 'STEALTH' Swigonski, Erie, PA (A fellow duct tape junkie)

Duct Tape Guy on the Slopes
No, that’s not Jim (even though he sports the same facial hair and duct taped head), that’s Ales Valenta of the Czech Republic who successfully executed a “double-full doulble-full full” - an aerial ski jump that had never been attempted in Olympic competition. The difficult jump brought Valenta from fifth place to win the gold. We believe that the duct tape on his helmet added to Ales’ confidence enough for him to accomplish this daredevil jump that holds a 4.850 degree of difficulty.
Photos NBC

From the Pioneer Press (Twin Cities, MN) Mon, Feb. 11, 2002
Surviving on Duct Tape, Adrenaline
by Tom Powers
Pioneer Press Columnist

It is well known that most guys have a fixation with duct tape. Why fiddle with tiny clamps or messy glues when a nice wad of duct tape will hold almost anything together?
It works on everything from water pipes to rake handles to coffee cups.
"Honey, there's a hole in my sneaker. Where's the duct tape?"
Now we discover that it also is an important tool in the Olympic sport of skeleton. Beginners often wrap themselves in the silvery wonder to make sure they don't lose a body part while careening down the frozen track.
(Story continued in Duct Tape Headline News.) Photo: Al Bello, Getty Images

Duct Tape mends broken buckle, wins bronze metal for snowboarder Chris Klug
Of all the problems Chris Klug has faced in the past few years, a broken ski-boot buckle didn't rate very high. So instead of panicking when it snapped just before his Olympic bronze medal run, he worked a little magic with duct tape and a piece of metal and let 'er rip.
The buckle held. When he slid to a stop after blazing down the parallel giant slalom course, Klug could barely believe he had won an Olympic medal only 19 months after receiving a liver transplant. Philipp Schoch of Switzerland won the gold and Sweden's Richard Richardsson the silver. (from a story by Rachel Blount, StarTribune Staff Writer)

Glad simply to be alive, let alone at the pinnacle of his sport, liver transplant survivor Chris Klug put a whole new twist on the notion of an Olympic miracle.
Using duct tape to bind together a broken boot buckle for his final race, Klug persevered and won the bronze medal Friday in parallel giant slalom snowboarding. (from an AP story by Eddie Pells) Photo: Jeff Mitchell, Reuters

Bobsledder Visor Securer
Several of our regular visitors mentioned that during the Saturday night four man bobsledding contests they spotted duct tape holding their helmet visors down. (Check out the bottom left side of the German bobsled team's driver's visor.)
Photo: CBC Sports Online - Kazuhiro Nogi, AFP
- Thanks to Andrew Wald for spotting the photo.

Eavesdropper Stopper
Watching the current 2002 Winter Olympics and keeping a keen eye out for duct tape uses in the Olympics I came across this gem published in the Denver Rocky Mountain News on thursday Feb. 14. In the discussion of the Figure skating controversy between Canada and Russia in the pairs judging the following sentence caught my eye: "...during the routine post-event judges meeting Tuesday where the pairs judges duct-taped the door to prevent eavesdropping..." --- Thanks to alert duct tape fan Sharon Amirfathi
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