"When we started all of this, we didn't figure that "The Duct Tape Book" would be the start of a whole series - that’s why we didn't call it "Duct Tape, Book One". Now, we’ve sold over three million copies of seven books and have created sell-out 365 Days of Duct Tape Page-A-Day® Calendars every year since 1994. All due to the fact that duct tape comes with no instructions - thus not limiting one's creativity. You can purchase most of these books at your local bookstore (except the first three) or at our
Duct Tape Pro Shop. - The Duct Tape Guys
Stump the Duct Tape Guys!
In stores now! Jim and Tim offer ways to fix everything from broken toasters to broken hearts with duct tape. Proving once again, "It ain't broken, it just lacks duct tape."

Or, buy online at the Duct Tape Pro Shop. Click here to redeem the Duck Buck you got with the book.

The Duct Tape Guys have done it again! Our fourth Duct Tape Book, "The Jumbo Duct Tape Book" is a massive 464 pages of duct tape wit and wisdom (wisdom subject to change without notice). Published by Workman Publishing, this hilarious collection of duct tape hints is available at your local bookstore or get it online right now by clicking to the Duct Tape Pro Shop. The best feature of this book is the FREE Duck® brand Flat Pack Duct Tape that comes with every book (via coupon).

"Absolutely Genius! Brilliantly Stupid!"
Whether you have their first three books or not, you will definetly want to hook up with this, The Mother-of-all-Duct Tape Books!

Duct Tape: The Video
"We’ve finally (due to relentless and eventually bothersome audience request) put our duct tape stand-up comedy antics on video tape." You can nab The Duct Tape Guy’s video right now online ONLY (not in stores). Just click on the image on the left.

Feng Shui Fixed with Duct Tape! The Duct Tape Guys stumble head-first into the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. Totally bewildered, they explore their own theories on how to achieve harmony and happiness through the use of duct tape, thus creating their own breathtakingly stupid philosophy: "Duct Shui". Published by Workman Publishing. Click to DuctShui.com for a brief preview of the book.

Beautiful full color - over 101 costume ideas! The Duct Tape Guys’ sixth book is a large format and full color volume filled with photos and illlustrations and offers over 101 clever, creative, and predictably bizarre costume ideas made with duct tape. Click here for a preview sampling from the book. Purchase online at the Pro Shop.
Still favorites and still available! The Duct Tape Guys’ first three DuctTape Books and WD-40® Book are available online ONLY at the Duct Tape Pro Shop. There are special package deals that beat their original retail prices all to heck! Pick up your copies today before they are gone forever! - BOOK ONE SOLD OUT! -
A Duct Tape Hint a Day - All Year Long!
Since 1996 we have produced the extremely popular Duct Tape Page-A-Day® Calendars with Workman Publishing. Filled with Real and Wacky uses for Duct Tape, these calendars are a great gift for the duct tape user in your life. If you are looking for a daily dose of The Duct Tape Guys' patented duct tape humor combined with real uses from duct tape users around the world, this Calendar delivers! Available at your local bookstore, calendar shop and at the Duct Tape Pro Shop. This calendar usually hits the stores in September.
Our books and calendars are now published by Workman Publishing Company, Inc. and Andrews McMeel Universal