Seventeen-year-old Eagle Scout, Richard R. Adams has proposed a Duct Tape Merit Badge to the Boy Scouts of America. We think it's a great idea! In fact, we're surprised that the badge doesn't exist. What guy calling himself a scout has never used duct tape? Duct tape is an essential tool for everything that life throws at you.

So far, the Boy Scouts of America have turned down the idea, but we think that with enough grass-roots support - this badge could become a reality. Read the proposed requirements below and then click on the more information bar to go to Richard's web site pages about the Duct Tape Merit Badge. He even has a support letter online that you can print out and send in. Great idea, Richard! We're sticking with you on this idea! - The Duct Tape Guys

To get all the latest information on the Duct Tape Merit Badge progress, click the bar below:
Duct Tape Merit Badge Requirements
Proposed by Richard R. Adams
1a. Give a brief report on the history of duct tape; tell how it is made, who invented it and why it was first invented. Create a timeline of the history of duct tape and tell its main purpose in the present day.
1b. Research duct tape in American history and tell how it has helped our country in times of peace and war.
1c. Tell the possible risks and safety hazards of using duct tape and tell how to avoid them.
2. List 30 uses of duct tape. Discuss it with your counselor and then publish the list to make the people in your troop and community aware of how duct tape can benefit them. The publication should also include the possible hazards of using duct tape, as well as how to safely use duct tape (see requirement 1c).
3. Discuss various brands/grades/colors of duct tape in use today and tell their differences. Describe qualities that distinguish high-grade tape from low-grade tape.
4. Demonstrate your skill with duct tape by constructing two of the following using only duct tape: Wallet, Ring, Belt, Cup/Mug, Flower
Decorate your creations with a design of your choice.
5. Using one item from requirement 4, do one of the following:
a. Take the item to a troop meeting and give a presentation on how you made the item.
b. Enter your item into a local art show.
c. Have your item displayed in a public display window.
6. Write an essay of at least 150 words about duct tape. Include in the essay possible careers in the field of duct tape use and production that may interest you, what you have learned about duct tape, and the role of duct tape in the future