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If you are into duct tape, it probably means that you 1) are very resourceful, and 2) have a good sense of humor. Stick these two traits together and it probably means that you are the instigator of, or at least appreciate, a good practical joke. Here is our growing listing of practical jokes involving duct tape. Send us your duct tape practical jokes! Just click the submit box. Thanks! - The Duct Tape Guys

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Sinking Chairs Here is a fun (and safe) prank to pull on co-workers in an office setting. Most office dwellers have chairs that use a pneumatic piston to control the height. They are also designed to use a persons weight to effect the downward adjustment. While your coworkers are away from their desk, take a strip of duct tape and tape the height adjusting lever to the bottom of the seat. This effectively locks the piston into adjust mode. When they sit down, their weight will cause the chair to bottom out quickly. The looks of utter confusion are priceless. Extra points to brave individuals who pull this one on their boss. --- Blame John Callicotte

The Duct Tape Wall. This works well for college pranks and in general with doors that open inward to the poor person being trapped inside. Cover the entire doorway (or at least a significant amount of it) with duct tape so that when the occupant inside opens thier door all they see is a sticky wall of duct tape they must get through somehow. A funny 'Got ya' sign stuck to the inside of the wall before the the walls completion also adds some humor.

Carcooning Gather a lot of cling wrap and a lot of duct tape (*remember if you spare the duct tape you spare the job or prank). Next One wraps their "victims" car in the cling wrap (so you don't apply the tape directly to paint) then uses the duct tape to wrap the car in a sort of duct tape cocoon. It works and you just sit back and laugh while it takes them forever to get there car out. --- Blame Mark from W.Va.

Bathroom Water Issues Go to one of those bathrooms that have sensor toilets and put a peace of duct tape over the sensor so that toilet never flushes,or put it over the sensor on the sink so the water is always on. --- Blame Kyle H.

Mouse Troubles For coworkers or friends who use computers often. Put a strip of duct tape over the mouse ball or optical sensor on a computer mouse. when they try to use the mouse, it won't work. --- Blame Bruce

Shower Surprise Ingredients: Duct tape, plastic bag, shower head, and victim. You have to stay up late and make sure you don't wake up your victim. take the plastic bag and tape it around the shower head.(make sure it is on tight) Then just wait for the unexpected person toTRY to take a shower. --- Blame Brady W.

A Noisey Joke Sneak up to someone's house in the middle of the night and duct tape their doorbell down (works assuming they have a bell that keeps making noise when the button is depressed). If not, you can duct tape down the trigger on an airhorn and toss it on their roof! --- Blame Kuler

Boobie Trap Rigging Use duct tape to rig those "boobie trap" firecrackers (with the strings coming out of both ends). For instance: duct tape one end to the toilet seat lid and the other to the seat. When the lid is lifted - BANG! --- Blame J. Mucahy

Condiment Commode Take a ketchup packet, honey packet, mustard packet or any other individually packeted potential squirting mess and fold it. Then duct tape it on the rim under the pad that separates the toilet seat from the toilet. When you potential subject sits down on the seat - they will receive a condiment surprise. - Blame goes to D. Forster

Condiment Revenge I work in a shop with plenty of jitneys & fork lifts, not to mention those industrial golf carts office dorks use to buzz around and look important in. On occasion, they fly by in total disregard of walkers! Sometimes, when I feel road rage, I sneak into the snack area for assorted condiment packets. Using strips of the 'SILVER WONDER WEAPON', I tape up about four packets under the parked vehicle wheels. --- Blame Stinkin' Leo Swigonski

Sleep Tight I was at summer camp and we didn't have anythng to do pranks with except a role of duct tape so we duct taped this guy to his bed. We had him covered from head to toe with duct tape. It was so funny when he couldn't get up in the morning. - Blame goes to Andrew (Just watch out for claustrophobic folks - and don't cover those breathing holes!)

Desk Drawer Dilemma Duct tape is real handy for driving your co-workers, or better yet, your boss, nuts. Only a few feet are needed to tape someone's center desk drawer shut around the edges of the two sides and the back. It's doubly exciting if the drawer is just slightly open so that the victim can tell that the drawer can't be locked, but can't immediately see or feel what is holding the drawer shut if the tape doesn't cover the entire length of the drawer. At the same time it doesn't do any permanent damage to the furniture. Works best in conditions of reduced light. Avoid doing this to anyone who may have a bad back. The drawer pulling response can get really vigorous. - Blame goes to Charles S.

Sink Sprayer Shower This idea was sent anonymously (the boss still doesn’t know who did it). Every morning the boss gets to work about a twenty minutes before the other employees and puts on the coffee. Before leaving the office the previous night, the prankster took a small strip of black duct tape and taped the sink sprayer handle in the on position and aimed the sprayer so it would hit the boss square in the chest. The next morning, the employees were welcomed by their boss sporting a huge water mark on his suit and a big “you got me” grin on his face.

Tire Sniper Get some Bubble Wrap® with one inch bubbles (at most office supply stores or in dumpsters behind gift shops). cut a strip about a eighteen inches long and the width of a tire. Tape this to the tread of the front wheel of a parked car. When the car starts moving, the resultant popping sounds like a machine gun.

Frame A Friend Sometimes when you buy used videos from Blockbuster, they still have the little theft strip on them. So if you ever want to get someone good, just remove theft strip and duct tape it to the bottom of their shoe, then send him on a run to the video store.Works great! - Blame goes to Randy M.

TP Trailer Take a six foot piece of toilet paper and attach a piece of duct tape to one end (half of the tape on the toilet paper, half hanging off the roll). Place the paper and the tape - sticky-side-up - on the floor at the entrance of the bathroom. When your "victim" steps on the tape, they will be dragging the toilet paper from their shoe. - Blame goes to The Duct Tape Guys

Invisible Door Duct tape Saran wrap in the doorway of a very dimly lit room and wait for some unsuspecting victim to enter the room. This is a classic! - Blame goes to Lindsay

Roof Top Soda Secure a 32 oz. soda cup to the top of your car with duct tape on the bottom of the cup. As if you had left it there by mistake, drive merrily along with the radio LOUD so you can't hear the people yelling to get your drink off the car. When they point and wave, act like they are waving at you, smile and wave back. You would not believe the reactions to this in traffic. People will GET OUT OF THEIR VEHICLE and tap on the window to tell you about the cup! - Blame goes to Stan

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