Meet Jim and Tim:
Jim and Tim are brothers-in-law. Tim (left) is a graphic designer and advertising guy (He's married to Jim's sister). One Christmas Eve (1993) the power was out in the entire small Northeastern Wisconsin town where they were having a family gathering. Jim (right) made the comment,"I bet I could fix this power outage with duct tape."

Tim, having grown up on transparent, masking, and other lesser tapes, said, "What do you mean?"

Jim's wife replied, "Oh, he fixes everything with duct tape."

They listed off a few repair jobs he had made recently using only duct tape, to which Tim announced, "There's a book in here!" Tim promptly went to his car and got his laptop computer. In two days, they had 365 uses for duct tape. Tim returned to Minnesota, designed and illustrated the book and sent it off to a number of publishing companies (all of whom now wish that they had published the popular books).
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You can often hear Jim and Tim being interviewed on radio stations across the county. They have also appeared in People Magazine (click to see article) and on many network television news programs and talk shows - if you want to watch some video clips of the guys on TBS, Discovery, etc., click to our media page.

Vital Duct Tape Guy Statistics:
Jim (right): Rips right, flattens left. Jim has been using duct tape since he was in diapers.
Tim (right left): Rips left, flattens back-handed right. Recent convert to duct tape from lesser tapes.

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Bio Material:

The Duct Tape Guys, Tim Nyberg and Jim Berg, are two everyday guys who have dedicated their lives to duct tape. As the authors of a six books documenting hundreds of real and wacky uses for duct tape, Jim and Tim are constantly on the lookout for wildly creative uses of "The Ultimate Power Tool." Their books ("The Duct Tape Book," "Duct Tape Book Two, Real Stories," "The Ultimate Duct Tape Book," their 464 page epic; "The Jumbo Duct Tape Book," "Duct Shui," and "The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book") have sold over two million copies - indeed a testament to the universal appeal of duct tape.

It all started on Christmas Eve, 1993. The power was out in the small Northeastern Wisconsin town where Jim and Tim’s family was gathering for the holiday. Jim made the comment, "I bet if I knew where the power outage was, I could fix it with duct tape." Tim, (Jim’s brother-in-law) who grew up on lesser tapes (masking and transparent tape), didn’t understand how duct tape could solve the problem. Jim’s wife replied, "Oh, Jim fixes everything with duct tape!" They proceeded to list some of the things duct tape has fixed in their household. "There’s a book in here!" Tim thought. He got out his laptop computer and the entire family sat around brainstorming uses for duct tape. So, on this cold, dark winter night, "The Duct Tape Guys" were born.

Outside of their duct tape world, Tim Nyberg is a graphic designer, illustrator, and marketing consultant in St. Paul, Minnesota. Jim Berg is a birth to three coordinator for special needs kids in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Together, they don their "Duct Tape Guy" apparel and become Duct Tape Evangelists making appearances around the world at home shows, conventions, comedy clubs, and on thousands of radio and television stations.

In addition to the Duct Tape Book series, Jim and Tim have also co-authored ten"365 Days of Duct Tape" Page-A-Day® Calendars, "Golf on the Tundra," and "The WD-40 Book." Tim has also co-authored, "The BubbleWrap Book," "The Warning Label Book," "When I'm an Old Man, I'll Wear Mixed Plaids," "Rubber Chickens for the Soul," "Kids Tell Us: What Does the President Do?" and others. Tim's latest solo book is "The Practical Joker's Handbook."

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