"Our primary goal is to assist you, the show producer, in garnering valuable media coverage and to draw crowds to your event. After that has been achieved, audience draw and enjoyment of our show is icing on the cake." - The Duct Tape Guys

The Duct Tape Guys: Contract Information
(effective immediately - updated 6/2014)
For Booking Homeshows, Consumer Trade Shows and Corporate/Business-to-Business Trade Show events, please contact Tim Nyberg: 612-240-6679

Current rate* schedule (just reduced to accommodate tight budgets):
Performance days: 1st day $2500
2nd and 3rd performance day $2300 each day
4th performance day $2200
Media day: $1800.00 (unless included in the first performance day)
Travel days: $650.00 per day
For corporate events a $150 per diem is required.
*Rates are subject to change.

50% down holds the date. 50% due at show.
Airfare and travel expenses (listed below) due upon receipt of invoice.

Additional expenses:
Airport parking at our end (approx) $20 per calendar day - (or billed at cost).
Airfare (billed at cost - due upon receipt of invoice)
Baggage fees (varies with each airline) will be billed at cost - generally $100 per trip.
Ground Transportation at your end if required.
Rental car (as required plus gas refill charge - due upon receipt of invoice following show)
Hotel charges (if not direct billed to client) due upon receipt of invoice.

Media day:

Media days (in-studio radio/television appearances with NO audience performances) are billed at $1800. We recommend a media escort to get us to the studios in a timely fashion since you know your city better than we do. Tim will provide radio phone interviews the week prior to the show at no additional charge.

Travel days:
All required travel days are currently billed at $650. If travel can occur within a performance day, this fee is waived. See our current travel day discount and free travel day information detailed above.

Incidentals / Travel expenses:
Airfare, rental car, ground transportation to and from airports at both ends, airport parking, and hotel fees (not covered by show producer) will be billed on a separate invoice following the event. This amount is due upon receipt of invoice.

Fifty percent (50%) of the entire appearance rate is due upon signing of the contract. (If the show producer cancels following the signing of the contract*, this 50% down will act as a "kill-fee" and is non-refundable.) An invoice for this amount marked paid will be sent to the show producer following signed contract and receipt of check. Additionally, an invoice for balance including per diem charges to be paid at the event will be sent at this time (exclusive of incidentals - see below).
Checks are to be made payable to the order of: Octane Creative, (address on invoice).
*Dates will not be secured until contract is signed.

Airline preference:
Because of greater flight availability, both Jim and Tim prefer to fly Delta whenever possible. Tim flies out of Minneapolis (MSP) and Jim flies out of Central Wisconsin (generally connecting in MSP). Frequent flyer numbers will be provided upon request. We generally book our own air travel as a convenience to you. We will invoice you (at cost) upon booking the flight(s). This invoice will be due upon receipt.

Car-travel events:
In the event that a performance is more easily reached by car, mileage reimbursement per mile based on current IRS standard will be invoiced with miscellaneous expenses following the event.

Hotel preferences:
Separate, non-smoking rooms (smoking rooms are not acceptable under any circumstances). Queen or king beds preferred. Hilton properties preferred when possible. High-speed internet access required in both rooms (if not complimentary, will be added to billing). We do NOT prefer Holiday Inn Properties because of their bizzarre business stay requirements. If Holiday Inns are the only option available, please allow us to book the hotel and invoice you. We also encourage you to choose a venue that is within walking distance to the performance venue when possible - this relieves you of the necessity to truck us around.

Rental car preferences:
If a rental car is required (e.g. if no media escort and/or airport transportation is available), National Car Rental or Alamo is preferred (although not required). While we generally book our own rental vehicles, you may do so if you wish.The vehicle (midsize or larger) should be reserved in the name of Tim Nyberg (Emerald Club #562035972). Full coverage will be required. The invoice for the car rental and any refueling charges will be invoiced following the show and due upon receipt.

Stage/performance area requirements:
Because of the number of props that The Duct Tape Guys use in their show, they request to be placed on one stage only. We suggest a stage with at least a 12 inch elevation - since we do prop comedy, it's important for everyone to be able to see what we're doing. For most shows, we recommend seating for 200 people. You will discover that our drawing power usually results in standing room only. Since our show is about 35 minutes long, it's nice to give people a place to sit.

The Duct Tape Guys require:
One six to eight foot long table. Table drapping is optional (they have a banner for the front of the table). A drape to cover props between shows is required if the stage area is to be shared with other performers, or left unattended between shows.
Two wireless lapel microphones (corded lapel mics are acceptable if wireless mics cannot function correctly in your venue.
Backstage area with two chairs and bottled water available.

Acts of God and Such... (aka "Stuff Happens")
The Duct Tape Guys' obligation to furnish the entertainment, like everything else in life, is subject to detention or prevention by sickness, inability to perform, accident, means of transportation, act of God, riots, strikes, labor difficulties, epidemics and any order of any public authority or any cause, similar or dissimilar, beyond Artist control. Provided the Duct Tape Guys are ready willing and able to perform, the purchaser agrees to compensate Artist in accordance with the terms listed in this contract regardless of act of God, fire accident, riot, strike or any event or events of any kind of character whatsoever, whether similar or dissimilar to the foregoing events which would prevent or interfere with the presentation of the show hereunder.

If one of the Duct Tape Guys is unable to fulfill their oblication to entertain at your event, you will have the option of retaining the remaining (available) Duct Tape Guy at half of their performance day rate, or canceling the booking entirely - in which case your deposit will be returned to you in full. Airfare that has been booked is not refundable.

Note: In over 17 years of entertaining, we have never had to cancel a performance. We feel responsiblie to provide our clients with everything that they have paid for, and more.

Media promotion:
It is highly recommended that you utilize The Duct Tape Guys to garner valuable media coverage of your show. Radio and television prep materials including demo videos/audio are available at the Duct Tape Guy's web site: ducttapeguys.com/media. Please direct your publicist/PR firm to utilitize the information at this site to attract media interest and to assist with their show prep materials. Client is responsible for booking TV and in-studio radio station interviews. Radio phone interviews will be provided at no charge the week prior to the event. Stations should contact Tim directly to schedule these interviews (via email: tim@octanecreative.com).

Publicity photos/grant of rights:
You will also find publicity photos at this address (ducttapeguys.com/graphics). It is understood that by booking The Duct Tape Guys you are granted rights and permission to replicate their image(s) and use the name(s) "The Duct Tape Guys" or "Jim and Tim, The Duct Tape Guys" in the promotion of your event. Images on all event publicity including billboards, point of purchase, discount coupons, tickets, fliers, print and broadcast media is allowed. "The Duct Tape Guys" logo must NOT be altered from what has been made available on the web site without prior permission.

Number of Shows:
The Duct Tape Guys will perform up to THREE (3) shows per day at full posted rates (although we have found that two shows per day satisfy most venues and allow for proper audience turn-over and provide the necessary time for attendees to visit the vendors who are paying to be at your show). Each show is approximately 35 minutes in length and could include a question/answer and autograph time following each show as desired and/or appropriate (one hour appearance blocks are recommended if sharing the stage with other performers). The Duct Tape Guys may wish to have merchandise for sale following each show - this can be done at a separate table near the stage, or from the front of the stage (please ask us if we will be bringing books).

Show announcement:
A whole-venue announcement of each Duct Tape Guys' appearance is suggested ten to fifteen minutes prior to each show. The stage area announcement at the start of each show will be made by the Duct Tape Guys from backstage (unless you have an emcee working the stage area).

Booth appearances:
Jim and Tim will make two fifteen-minute (non-stage, non-performance) booth appearances per day at the discretion of the show producer as a courtesy to premium exhibitors. It is highly recommended that these appearances be for the sole purpose of signing autographs (not selling the booth product). An autograph space with two chairs is expected.
Autograph photos: An electronic file of an 8.5" by 11" black and white autograph photo with an imprint area for the vendor's logo and tagline is provided at http://www.ducttapeguys.com/graphics. These customized autograph photos are to be printed by the show producer or the booth occupant - quantities are left to your discretion. If assistance with printing is required, please contact Tim @ 612-240-6679 for a printing and shipping bid (allow two weeks for delivery).

Thank you for booking The Duct Tape Guys!

"We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you again and again."
- The Duct Tape Guys

Contact information:
Tim Nyberg: Phone: 612-240-6679 (cell - leave message and your call will be returned)
Address: (please call)
E-mail: tim@octanecreative.com

Jim Berg: Phone: (upon request - please call)
Address: (upon request - please call)
E-mail: (upon request - please call)

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