Duct tape is used frequently by biohazard workers for securing their outfits to sealing evidence in transport to labs. For more Duct Tape Headline News, click here.
California State public affairs photographer, Robert Eplett provided us with these photos showing how duct tape is used to seal the wrist and ankle cuffs of hazmat suits to the gloves and boots preventing the entry of contaminants. Thanks, Robert!

In an unrelated story from the 12/20/02 New York Time's: There was a power failure at the high-security Plum Island Infectious Disease Lab, staffed partly by replacement workers in its 5-month strike...not just the main power but all three backup generators. There was a sabotage "incident" in August, and maybe another (600 pounds of liquid nitrogen on the floor, one of the replacement workers involved having an arrest record) and Senator Hillary Clinton wants to shut the place down pending safety review, but really there's nothing to worry about: Ms. Hayes [spokeswoman for the Agriculture Department] said workers at the center sealed the doors with duct tape.
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