We'll admit it - we're two really generous guys... (either that, or just plain nuts). We're offering our FULL-COLOR Duct Tape Halloween costume book (good for any costuming reason - not just Halloween), filled with over 101 clever costume ideas, tricks and mischief - PLUS Duct Tape Books Two and Three AND a Duct Tape Pro bumper sticker and button for only $9.95/set*. This collection should be over $28 retail - but, yeah, we're nuts. So you get it all for $9.95.

Each book has been painstakingly autographed by Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys (that's us) and will be shipped to you via priority mail.


*Buy as many sets as you want at $9.95 per set and pay only $7 for shipping any size order - U.S. addresses only please. Outside of the United States, we suggest you buy the books on Amazon.

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