We thought these costume creations were cool enough to warrant their own page. They are by Bob in Brelle, NJ. Great work, Bob! You have a lucky family to be living with such an obvious duct tape pro!
Click the video link on the left to see Jim and Tim's original wacky collection of costume ideas.
This explanation from Bob himself:

Bad lands of Barrie ave Bi Plane is Joshua our nine-year old.  cardboard and duct tape is the entire plane with an actual propeller that works I stripped a 4 wheel drive remote control truck for the axle and remounted it on the plane with prop and it spins .... 3 rolls of duct tape 4 cans paint and decals... about a week to build

Rusted Robot
8 rolls of duct tape 3 cans spray paint and a ton of touch ups and blending Christmas lights for the eyes and circuit boxes my work boots I used construction adhesive to glue them to the cardboard and used duct tape to wrap every inch of the robot... he stands about 7 feet tall and almost 4 to 5 foot wide tuff to walk in but i do it made drink holders on side so i can drink while i wear the top piece

Deadliest Catch
My wife's costume. Yes, cardboard duct tape and wires and some PVC for the mast some nautical stuff thrown in and spray paint ... she fills out the rest.... deadliest catch

We think this is Bob's creation, too. But lost the text to go with the photos.