We had a great time at the second annual Avon (Ohio) Heritage Duct Tape Festival. Avon is the home to Duck® brand (our favorite tape. The festival showed off the entire palette of Duck Tape colors from clear to bright X-Factor colors (and, of course, classic silver). It also welcomed a plethera of duct tape enthusiasts who showed off their duct tape fashion sense. The exquisite duct tape sculptures were created by students at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

The parade (photos coming) featured over 30 floats made of duct tape - including a 45-foot long whale that had moving fins and spouted water out of its blow hole.

(left) We toss all pride aside and pose behind the winning prom outfits from the 2003 "Stuck at Prom" contest.
"Nice neck, Jim!"
"Thanks, Tim."

Enjoy browsing around the Festival grounds and meeting our new (and old) friends.

(right) Festival regulars, Amanda and Julie and Duct Tape Kid, Myles who was everywhere all three days of the festival.
in the left column from the top: Tom and Brittany,Hannah in stunning black with red duct tape lace. JT carried with his duct tape bag and penguin. And directly below, Caroline and dad, John, sporting their tall hats for during parade watching.
(below) Zach and David
(right) Jim and Tim with the Duct Tape Princess.
(left and below) Emily wears a duct tape cap and her siblings, Morgan and Liam also wore duct tape headwear to keep cool in the hot Father's Day weekend sun.
(left), JD wore a duct tape visor and vest for parade viewing. (right) Michael showed us his amazing, wonderfully crafted duct tape wallets.

(below) Josh with his Mount Vernon Nazarine University book bag.

"Henkel the Dragon" was created by Zack Shocklee and Jane Baeslach in 200 hours using 1000 rolls of Duck® brand duct tape.

(right) A duct tape dumpster filled with garbage made of duct tape proved to be amusing to young visitors.

(below) Maria and her dad, Michael, celebrated Father's Day together at the Festival. Nice, tie, Maria!

Ashley (left) and Annalisa (above) showed off their classic silver duct tape fashions.
(below) Tom, had a vest and cap made with pages from our 365 Days of Duct Tape Calendar held together with, what else? Duct tape!
(above) "Enigma" featured clear duct tape and colored lights. and one last look at the dragon.

We are looking forward to the Avon Hertiage Duct Tape Festival in 2006. Make your plans to be there, now! It's Father's Day weekend, 2006.