(left) Starting off our Fashion Gallery Page 12 is Zachary modeling his duct tape t-shirt (perfect protection for your next spahgetti dinner).

60 man hours, $80 dollars, and 720 yards of duct tape later Lowell T. and Julie G. (aka "the Ugly Ductlings") had their outfits for our Christmas Formal Event at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. What a DREAMY couple!
(left) Tom (15) from Huntingdon Valley, PA made this duct tape suit in twelve hours. It's 100% duct tape and has "fully-functioning" pockets. You know, Tom, you could skip the pockets and just leave a few sticky areas to stick stuff to... Nice work!
Josh S. of Chester, VA is sportin' a fine duct tape sportcoat and pants. (Now all he needs is a pair of duct tape shoes.)

(below) Misty made this dress to auction off for the Humane Society. She called the costume "Lady Mallard".

Michelle R. made this incredible gown for the Duct Tape Ball in Anchorage. No, Michelle is not invisible and modeling the gown here. It's just so stiff, it stands up on its own. Beautiful job, Michelle!
(right) Isabella L. from Bremerton, WA says, "These photos are of one of the jackets I have made, a pair of mix matched gloves, a skirt(my first attempt at clothing) and a pimp hat you can't really see. I am known as the duct tape girl at school and am currently trying to keep my postion."

(below) Dearel W. shows off his duct tape fashionship.

(left) Holly, Cynie and Amber are dressed in their duct tape finery for a Rocky Horror Picture Show lingerie night party.

(below - and totally unrelated to the ladies on the left) Stuart Geib of Adrian, MI came to one of our shows dressed appropriately. He is a home designer who had his business cards duct taped to his t-square which was duct taped to his back.

(above) Manda shows off her simple duct tape skirt and (left) Tabatha goes a bit further with this basket-weave dress.

(right) Brian. E of Augusta Georgia sports a duct tape hat.

right - Tim and Jim pose with the contestants from a Virginia Beach duct tape fashion show. From left to right, Callie, Annabelle,Chelsea, Spina and Courtney. Jim is holding the palette of colors that Duck® brand duct tape is currently offering.

lower right - Notice how wearing duct tape made Lorraine's ora really glow - which attracted a lot of attention to her at the eighth grade semi-formal that she made this outfit for. What a way to attract a dance partner!