In July of 2003, we were in Wasilla, Alaska (the 2003 honorary Duct Tape Capital of the World) holding a celebration for the employees of the Wasilla Wal-Mart store who sold the most duct tape in the WORLD in 2002. Part of the festivities was a duct tape fashion show. Here are some of the participants (starting with the winner, ____ in the blue uniform holding part of his prize - a lifesize bald eagle made from Duck® brand duct tape.
(right) Jim and Tim with two of the Wal-Mart employees, Darlene and Jynnie) who came dressed for the occasion.
(below) Probably the youngest duct tape fashion show contestant we've ever had. Jim and Tim harrassed the poor thing with their microphones... Finally turning the little gal into a ventriloquist dummy act! Bad Duct Tape Guys!