What more appropriate to accessorize duct tape fashion than duct tape accessories. Wallets, purses, belts, bookcovers... you name it, it probably has been, or can be, made with duct tape. Send us your duct tape fashion accessories.
Head to Toe
Duct Tape
(left and below) Jack made this "duct tape witch hair" and reinforced his favorite high tops with duct tape. We think the hair and the hightops would make lovely accessories to any duct tape ensemble.
Accessory or Necessity?
(left) Brandon W. of Stillwater, OK is gradually turning his favorite shoes into sandals using duct tape. Not only do these shoes LOOK cool, the side vents help Brandon through the hot Oklahoma summers.

(below) Andrea S. of Wheaton, IL made these striking laced duct tape boots for a final exam. She got an "A" and had warm leggings all winter.

Keith Drone of ducttapefashion.com has been putting himself through school by making duct tape fashion accessories. Check out Keith's other booming duct tape accessories at his web site (click the banner above.
(below) MHart from Towanda, IL came up with this creative duct tape iPod case which he auctioned off on E-Bay. So far the bid is $6. Not bad for a few minutes of puttering.
Ona Paul is a creative fiber artist who does some really cool purses with duct tape and mixed materials. Click the banner above to go to her featured artist page.
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