For the past decade, Duck® brand Tape has been the #1 brand of duct tape in America. That means they've sold a LOT of rolls of Duck Tape! How much is "a LOT?" Well, the following statistics will give you an idea.
In 2001, the length of Duck Tape sold could…
Cross the United States from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon 489 times.
Cover the Appalachian Trail from start to finish 688 times.
Wrap around the Earth 50 times.
Run around the bases of a Major League ballpark 18,257,719 times.
Cross the Golden Gate Bridge 15,64,947 times.
Span the length of the Great Wall of China 889 times.
Run the length of the Eiffel tower from top to bottom 6,679,653 times.
Follow a boat up and down the Mississippi River more than 166 times.
Climb Mount Everest 226 times.
Travel from the Earth to the Moon 5 times.
Go from Home Plate to the center of Yankee field 14,259,201.4 times. (for salutes)
Span the Nile 358.8 times
Reach from the bottom to the top of the Empire State Building 45,24,089.97 times

Besides all of that... Duck® brand Duct Tape is preferred by two out of two Duct Tape Pros (Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys).

Oh, one more amazing fact: Every year The Duct Tape Guys consume (they use it, they don't eat it) over 200 times their weight in duct tape! And believe us, THAT'S A LOT of duct tape!