This web site is a scientific experiment being conducted by Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys.

This study represents our ongoing effort to fully understand our two favorite products (duct tape and WD-40®) and the ramifications of them being totally opposite, absolutely polarized in their composition and functionality. So we came up with the idea of keeping a twenty-four hour, 365-day vigil via remote camera at our Door County, Wisconsin, duct tape testing laboratories. We placed a can of WD-40 and a roll of duct tape in an isolation booth to see what would happen. Below is a live satelite remote picture from Duct Tape/WD-40 Cam that is updated every fifteen seconds.

Disclaimer: No duct tape or WD-40 is being harmed in this experiment (at least we hope not).
Do not attempt this experiment at home. We are professionals. If you have duct tape and WD-40 residing next to each other in your junk drawer or on your workbench, play it safe and separate them until we know the results of this study.

Signed: Jim and Tim, the duct tape guys 4/10/97

Update 12/14/99: Nothing has happened yet. So, we think it may be safe to store these two power products together in your junk drawer. But, if the can of WD-40 accidentally sprays in the drawer and takes all of the adhesive off of your roll of duct tape, don’t come crying to us! - Jim and Tim

Live satelite feed from the Duct Tape/WD-40 Cam:
(The image is updated every fifteen seconds.)


If you're like us, and we know we are, you won't want to study this too long without a break. So, grab a cool beverage and check out our other cool stuff for a while, then come back to check progress.

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