Before Tim was a Duct Tape Guy (and pretty much ever since he can remember) he liked to draw. When he was a kid he used to enter every art contest he could find (and even won a few!). Now, at almost a half a century old, Tim continues to draw (you can see his creations throughout this web site and in all of the Duct Tape Guys' books).

Now, Tim wants to give you a chance to win stuff with your artistic abilities. Here's the assignment: Draw the Duct Tape Guys (you will find reference photos of Jim and Tim scattered throughout this site). Then, scan or take a digital photo of your artwork and email it to The Duct Tape Guys.

Make sure you include your name, age, city and state, and email address with your entry. Your last name will be kept confidential. We will only use your first name and last initial, city and state on our web site. All entries submitted indicate your approval of our using them in any way we see fit and may be published in our books and calendars without further compensation. Every year, we will pick the best of the submissions for that year and award them a duct tape prize package.

Good luck! Make us look cool!

Ninth grader Luke W. of Sister Bay, Wisconsin gave us the idea for this contest with his American Gothic version of The Duct Tape Guys.
Nice work, Luke!

Below, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin painter, Ernest B. takes a stab at painting Tim. He incorporated a duct tape frame (not shown) and used duct tape to mask the spray paint. Ernest - you have indeed caught the essence of Tim: odd.

Left - Marker caricature artist Mike McCartney of Jacksonport, WI gave this to us following our show in 2006. Mike is famous for his dog cartoons.

Below (sushi): Dave Matsuoka of Orchard Supply Hardware, San Jose, draws a photo of his sushi buddies, Jim and Tim (Jim prefers to think of it as "bait").

Below left: "Tales from the Duct" is another massively phenominal drawing by our friend Dave Matsuoka. This one was drawn as a Tim vs. Dave draw-offf challenge. To see Tim's drawing (painting) of Dave, click to our July 2007 Duct Tape on a Roll Newsletter. This drawing also includes our buddy Pat Simpson, who is about to become a "southern meal" for Lester.