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Clutch Repair I have a 1989 f250 standard 5-speed. On the way back from fishing about 100 miles to my house, I was 60 miles from home when I hit a stop light. I pushed in the clutch and heard a loud snapping sound with the clutch going to the floor. I limped it into a parking lot and parked. I found out that the push rod in the master cylinder where it connects to the pedal the end of the rod snapped off. With no tools available, I took about 25 feet of duct tape, lined up the rod to the pedal bar, and duct taped it in place. It lasted for 200 miles, then the high torque of pushing on the pedal over and over again finally broke through the tape, but it saved me for a long time. - SSG Mike M. (RET) Woodland Park, CO

Watermelon Repair Kids were playing around my watermelon bed.  Found a watermelon that was cracked, I wiped the area clean and installed strips of duct tape to close the crack.  The watermelon survived & thrived.  The patch stayed on the watermelon for about 30 days.  After the duct tape was removed, the watermelon was healed.  Then, my family enjoyed a fine, healthy watermelon. - Jackie , Alabama

Ski Boot Repair My cross-country ski boot was getting old and the top latch busted. No worries. Duck brand's white duct tape to the rescue! It even blends in with the snow. Does that make it winter camo tape? - Jana, St. Paul, MN

Computer Bag Strap Cushion and Dog Leash repair. My computer bag strap was cutting into my shoulder. Other than that, it was a good bag. So I got an old towel and wrapped it around the strap and wrapped that with duct tape. Now, it not only looks totally sick (good), but is comfortable as well.

Oh, and my dog's leash foam handle busted. Duct tape to the rescue again. You might say both my dog and I now have matching fashion accessories. - Adam M., St. Paul, MN

Ski Tip Repair The day before our first ski trip of the season I got my equipment out to get ready and low and behold the tip of one of my skis had delaminated from the top. I have seen this before and it always required a trip into a professional repair shop if it could be fixed at all. I knew there would be no time for that so I thought "what would Tim and Jim or Red Green do?" - well Duct Tape Of course! I held the tip together with a vise grips and wrapped it with several layers of heavy duty Duct Tape. The tip of a ski takes one heck of a beating and this was no job for the faint of heart, but as you would expect - it did the trick! Not only did it hold up for the weekend, but with one or two reinforcing layers it lasted the whole season. Thank Goodness for Duct Tape again! - Tom B.,Sheboygan, WI

School Budget Helper
(above) We found these creative uses of duct tape in the Women's locker room of the Roseville, MN High School (don't ask what we were doing in the women's locker room).

Alex's Throne I just wanted to share my latest project, duct tape high chair, for the baby who rocks. Hope y'all like it.
Thanks, Meg C., Bryan, TX
We think Alex will grow up to be a King or President or a Duct Tape Guy or something with this throne!

"Snowy" satellite reception?
Gregg S. of Albion, MI poses this question:
Got a satellite TV dish? Live north of the Mason-Dixon line? Losing your signal due to snow buildup on the dish? Frustrated by trying to clean the snow off the dish so you can get back to the game? Get your hands on the following: dust pan brush, telescoping Christmas light string hanger, and, of course, duct tape. Works great!
Excellent idea, Gregg!

Duct tape on the High Seas
The West Canada Creek (NY) make-your-own boat and float competition was graced by the Pirates of the West Canada (Earl Wilson, Jim Okey and Goe Bessmer) again this year. And what a mass of duct tape they used! Over three miles of duct tape! Yeah, they probably pirated the tape.

Christmas Stocking Fix Not having a Christmas stocking and still wanting a substantial haul from Santa Claus, I got out my red and green duct tape and fashioned this sturdy sock. It's hung on the closest thing we have to a mantel, our television shelf. Yes, I'm quite optimistic. - Kyle J

Holiday Footwear I didn't have the appropriate shoes to go with my hoilday party dress, so I grabbed my roll of silver duct tape and had at an old pair of orange bride's maid shoes. The conversion took about ten minutes and got rave reviews all night. - Ginger

Musical Fix On November 1, 2008, the Roller Mills String Band was playing at the Attic Books and Coffee in Green Bay.  As we were setting up, the fiddle was accidently fell on the floor and the ebony fingerboard  separated from the instrument.  Our fiddler, Jim Burch, reached into our all purpose repair kit (consisting of one handy roll of duct tape, a screw driver and a pair of pliers).  He took two small strips of duct tape, rolled them up and put them on the back of the fingerboard.  Then, he pressed the fingerboard back on to the neck and viola, he was able to fiddle the night away. - Dale P.,The Roller Mills String Band

Paris Bus Repair I didn't do it, but I saw it. My wife and I were in Paris in April '08 waiting to board a tour bus to take us to Notra Dame when I noticed the left rear bumper of the bus. Even in France, Duct Tape has 1001 uses. The moral of this story is if you are going to buy a tour bus, be sure it's gray, so when you back into something and bang-up the bumper it's easily repaired with duct tape. - Del L. Benicia, CA

Hey, Tim - I'll tell ya a secret... Del didn't do it. I did. Don't tell nobody, okay?

Hawaiian Stylin'
Gabi caught this duct tape sighting at the Haiku Flower Festival in Haiku, Maui (check out his right leg).

Vasectomy Helper
A long time ago, when my dad had his vasectomy done, he went back to work two days later as suggested by his doctor.  Since he worked in construction, however, he accidentally did way too much, and tore his incision.  Being on the job, there wasn't much to choose from for a quick fix, so he grabbed the nearest roll of duct tape and repaired to the port-a-potty.  Don't ask how it felt coming off. Strange but true!!! Michelle H., Hiram, GA

Another Duck Tape Repair I live on a farm and have many ducks.  One day I noticed one limping with something caught on it's leg.  I told my husband that it got into something and he said no, i found it with a broken leg, so i duct taped it together.  I said, omg, that won't work, you need a splint.! I forgot that, he said.  Well, a year later, the duck (they are pets) is still gimping around the farm and still has most of his duct (duck) tape intact. - Cindy S., Warren, CT

Duct Tape Taxi Dashboard The other day I was in a taxi where the dashboard was held together with duct tape. When I posted the photo of the tape and wrote a blurb, it only seemed appropriate to add a link to you guys, the gurus of duct tape.

Thanks for letting me spread the word about your site in Thailand, SE Asia, and other places in the world where my readers dwell.

Submitted by: Dale, Still Life in Moving Vehicles Dale's site

Mascot Clothing
Well, it's kind of hard to find clothing that fits our class mascot, Scooter the Otter, because of his abnormal measurements and the fact that rigor mortis does not allow him to move any limbs. Therefore, we use the only other plausible source for his outfits- duct tape. We dress him up for many occasions, such as Christmas and the school dance, and I'm pretty sure the archer and knight outfits were just random. My name is Tim (not kidding) U., and my friend who makes most of the outfits is Matt L. If this does make it on the website, please be sure to mention Matt, as it is his otter, and I don't want to take all the glory. We are in the class of 2010 at Caldwell Academy, which is in Greensboro, NC. What better use for duct tape than to save our class mascot's dignity? Consider yourself mentioned, Matt. Nice work!

Goat Ear Repair
Several years ago one of our four female goats walked up to me in the barnyard. I was shocked to see that over half of her right ear had been bitten off, probably by our donkey Jack. The detached ear was dangling by not much more than a hair. My husband and I cleansed the area thoroughly and applied antbiiotic ointment. We taped the detached ear back in place with duct tape, being careful to match the edges. In less than a month the ear was healed. To this day there is no sign of the ear having been injured, not even a scar. - Linda W.

Duct Tape Decorative Wallets
I just wanted to share some of my wallets with you. I am a broke fulltime student and fulltime employee so i do this on the side to help pay for school. Plus its fun. hope you like them.
Duck tape Rocks! Emilia D., Omaha, NE
See our other wallets in the Duct Tape Fashion Accessories pages.

By Jared & Gabe (above) inspired by “The Duct Tape Guys”
We wrote this poem to read at The Jr. Poetry Jamm at school. We are 10 years old and in the 4th grade, we will add to our outfits on the day of the jamm.

Gray, shiny and adhesive-Duct Tape
Have a hole in your jeans, no problem –Duct Tape
Have a broken arm, save some money-Duct Tape (we do not recommend this)
Minor fender bender? No problem-Duct Tape
Can’t find Christmas Decorations.- Red and Green Duct Tape

Sticky, Strong and Useful- Duct Tape
Need a cupholder? Use the roll of –Duct Tape
Keep losing your remote? Duct Tape (to your hand or couch, you chose)
Have to go somewhere fancy and need a tie? –Duct Tape
Have troublesome kids-Duct Tape (again, not endorsed by us)

Duct Tape fixing the world one strip at a time.

Duct Tape Camper
Scott and Randy of DePere, WI (right down the road from Jim and Tim's Duct Tape World Headquarters) fashioned this stylish vinyl Airstream trailer (Duct Tape Camper) using a utility trailer, PVC tubing and duct tape. Check out their story and watch videos of the construction process here.

Duct Tape assists Lazer Vaudeville We're sure that the Lazer Vaudeville team uses duct tape for more than this, but, here is a shot of a makeshift flower vase for the LV Tour bus.

Dog Training I compete in dog agility, my dog is Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and her name is Junebug.  She's very, very good at agility.  I made some practice jumps and weaves out of PVC pipe and duct tape.  To make them easier to carry around I used an old tarp, duct taped it into the shape of a bag, poked a couple of holes near the top and used a spiral type rolling method to make a string out of duct tape to put through the holes to tie around the top so the poles don't fall out.  I also made a handle out of duct tape folded over on itself and wrapped with more tape and taped it to the bag.  I can now carry it like you'd carry a suitcase or sling it over my shoulder.  It's waterproof and very convenient as well as light weight (I'm a five foot tall female with fibromyalgia and don't have a lot of strength). - Jean and Junebug

Walking Dishwasher I grew up with a brother who constantly used duct tape so when I saw your book at the library I just had to read it. Thanks to a broken wheel on our dishwasher, we put a small hole in our lanolieum floor. We tried clear tape first. It fell off and soon our hole grew and I kept tripping on it and making it grow more. Then I read your book and a lightbulb went off in my head . I need to use duct tape. So I did and the floor is fixed for now and I don't trip walking through my kitchen.- Brenda E. Casco, Michigan

How to Fight Off Boredom at Work
Some Co-workers and I got really bored working the night shift one week and we pooled our minds together to create the duct tape gladiator armor. Its complete with helmet, chest piece, skirt, shield, bracers, and shin guards. Total amount of materials used two and one half rolls of duct/duck tape, two boxes of tongue depressors (500 in each), about 4 feet of parachute cord. - Warren, Dover, DE

Brit Tote Repair If you wind up with a small tear in the bottom of your Tote's town boots or almost any galoshes, don't throw them away. A little duct tape will keep them snug for years in the snow and rain. Of course we don't get much snow here, and when we do, no one can go anywhere anyway. - Herb B., London

Dome Light Dimmer After a minor collision, the dome light on my car refused to go out when I shut the door. I put layers of duct tape on the inside of the door until I had built up enough thickness to push the light switch closed when the door was shut. Problem solved. - Robert R., Laramie WY

Duct Tape Dental Work "I used duct tape for over two years on a tooth in my partial dental plate. Don't worry, I changed the tape every couple of weeks, and went with the white tape, instead of other colors, so it would not show as much." - Charlie C.

"This Old Cheesehead" video from two duct tape/Packers fans

My friend Gump and I just made a new video called This Old Cheesehead, demonstrating how Packers fans can transform their ratty old #4 Favre jersey into a stylish Spencer Havner #41 using Duck brand white duct tape…and a few beers, of course.  You can watch the video on YouTube. We’d be mighty honored if you shared it with your fans.- Stell

Nice job guys - Executed in true Duct Tape Guy fashion.
Two glarring errors: You never cut duct tape with a scissors. 
And, not using green duct tape instead of green electrical tape...
Other than that - well done! - Jim and Tim