Since this whole Duct Tape Book/Duct Tape Guy thing started in 1995, I've been thinking about parallels between Duct Tape and the Christian Gospel. In fact, at one point I considered writing a book called, "The Gospel According to Duct Tape." Who knows, I still might.

Others have dabbled in this same thought process. In Finland, they refer to duct tape as "Jesus Tape." One can only assume that this is because it is the savior of all things broken.

Reverened Mark A. Simone of the Federated Church (United Church of Christ) in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, beat me to the punch in creating a sermon about duct tape. Mark titled his sermon, "What I like about Duct Tape." The 11-minute sermon can be heard by clicking on the Quicktime control strip on the right. E-mail Mark and let him know what you thought of his sermon (I thought it was spellbinding). Click on the church steeple on the left to go to Federated’s web site. Thanks Mark, for sharing your sermon with us.

--- Tim, the Duct Tape Guy

Sermon ©1997 Rev. Mark A. Simone, Federated Church, Chagrin Falls, OH
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