When our seventh book, Stump the Duct Tape Guys comes out, there will be a special page in the back that contains a valuable Duck Buck from our friends at Duck® brand duct tape. This page will tell you how to redeem that Duck Buck for free stuff! It's our way of thanking you for buying the book and Duck® brands way of showing you some of their cool products!
Redeeming your Duck Buck is as easy!

1. Cut the Duck Buck page out of your book (it's the last page in the book). You MUST send in the original page. No copies will be accepted.

2. Fill out your information on the back side of the Duck Buck.

3. Mail the page to Duck® brand at the address below (left).

4. Wait by your mailbox for your free stuff to come!*

*While you're waiting join our email list - then pop on over to Duck® brand's DuckTapeClub.com and join the Duck Tape Club!

Mail your Duck Buck to:
Sorry - offer currently on hold.
Our current FREE offer*:
This promotion is currently on hold. Sorry.
* Subject to availability while supplies last.Offer redemption subject to change for product of similar value.  Product sent will be product featured on the page at the time of fulfillment, not at time of mailing.