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The Bubble Wrap® Book makes a great gift idea (make sure you give some Bubble Wrap with it).
The book is out of print but still might be available at a bookstore near you (or you probably can find it used on Amazon.com)

"The Bubble Wrap Book"
is written by Joey Green (the Spam Guy)
and Tim Nyberg (the Duct Tape Guy)

This book, published by HarperPerennialPublishers
offers hundreds of Creative and Wacky Uses for the
World's Favorite Packaging Material: Bubble Wrap®.

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Here are some excerpts from
"The Bubble Wrap® Book"

Alternative Uses for Bubble Wrap
Unencumbered by those annoying and restrictive instructions, Bubble Wrap lends itself quite nicely to uses other than its original packaging application. Join the Spam Guy and the Duct Tape Guy as they apply their wacky inventiveness to this indispensible product. Here are some excerpts from "The Bubble Wrap® Book" from HarperPerennial (Available now at a bookstore near you!).

Bubble Wrap Burgler Alarm
Make a burglar alarm for your home. Lay Bubble Wrap on the floor inside your doors and windows. When a thief breaks in and walks across the floor, the "pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop" will alert you to the intruder.

Improvise a football or motorcycle helmet. Wrap massive quantities of Bubble Wrap around your head and seal in place with clear packaging tape (or duct tape). If Bubble Wrap can protect a hand-painted egg shipped from Czechoslovakia across the Atlantic, it can protect your head when it hits asphalt.
CAUTION: The specific amount of Bubble Wrap required to provide adequate protection has not yet been determined.Bubble Wrap Insect RepellentPrevent mosquito bites on arms and legs by covering your extremities in Bubble Wrap. When mosquitoes do try to bite you, the Bubble Wrap bubble will pop and the tiny explosion of air will send the mosquito spiraling through the air.

Sweet Dreams
Sleeping while camping can be a real pain in the back, unless you are carrying a lightweight six-foot roll of Bubble Wrap as a mat to place under your sleeping bag. Or fold a twelve-foot-long piece of Bubble Wrap in half and duct tape the sides to make the padded sleeping bag of your dreams.
CAUTION: If you are sleeping on the beach, high tide may cause you to float out to sea.

Bubble Wrap Boob Job
Enlarge your breasts. Padding a bra with Bubble Wrap gives a nice natural feeling without the nasty side effects of silicone implants.WARNING: Do not substitute Bubble Wrap for silicone implants during plastic surgery.

Bubble Wrap Instead of Cash
Impress your date by padding your wallet with a piece of Bubble Wrap behind your money. It will look like you have a lot more money than you actually do. Or just impress your date with the fact that you always carry around a trusty piece of Bubble Wrap.

(The Bubble Wrap® Book, from HarperPerennial, is filled with clever humor and delightful illustrations. It is penned by those geniuses of alternative uses for everyday products: Joey Green, the Spam Guy and Tim, the Duct Tape Guy.) 

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Joey Green (left)
Joey (the Spam Guy) makes his home in California with his wife, and two kids. He is the author of such helpful (and humorous) books as: Polish Your Furniture with Panty Hose, Paint Your House with Powdered Milk and Wash Your Hair with Whipped Cream
and other some 27 other humor/informational books.Television producers started referring to Joey as"the Spam Guy" because one of his hints enlisted Spam (the popular canned luncheon meat) in the polishing of furniture.
Visit Joey's web site: wackyuses.com.

Tim Nyberg (right)
Tim (the Duct Tape Guy) lives up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota (actually, it's unbearably hot and humid there for about three months every year) with his wife and two teenagers.
Tim has authored The Duct Tape Books, the WD-40 Book, How to Get Rid of a Telemarketer, When I'm and Old Man, I'll Wear Mixed Plaids, The Practical Joker's Handbook, The Beanie Basher Handbook, and many other humor books.
Visit Tim’s Duct Tape Guys.com.

The Bubble Wrap® Generation is Born
Joey and Tim met in December of 1996, Caryl and Marilyn, an ABC-TV morning television talk show hosted by two vivacious housewives better known as "The Mommies," did a show entitled "Weird in America." Tim demonstrated a dozen uses for duct tape, including a sufefire way for ladies to keep the toilet seat down. After the commercial break, Joey polished some furniture with Spam and cleaned Tim's toilet with Coca-Cola, duct tape still in place. Call it fate.Another guest on the show, Brenda in the Red Dress from Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum,. had brought a stuffed two-headed cow and other oddities. Her empty boxes sat backstage, overflowing with Buble Wrap®. Joey and Tim both looked at the Bubble Wrap® longingly, tempted to pop it all. "Now there's something you two should do a book about," Brenda in the Red Dress said jokingly.The next thing Joey and Tim remember, the bartender at the Roosevelt Hotel was announcing "last call," and they had just "put the wraps" on the manuscript for the world's first Bubble Wrap Manefesto on 827 cocktail napkins.The Spam Guy and the Duct Tape Guy had met, and the Bubble Wrap Generation was born.Return to "The Bubble Wrap® Book" site index.

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Bubble Wrap® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation of Saddle Brook, New Jersey, and is protected under U.S. Trademark Registration no. 1,247,076 for use in conjunction with cellular cushioning packaging material which contains entrapped bubbles of air or other gasses.Bubble Wrap® does not serve as the equivalent of the common commercial name of the products themselves but rather is a valid, incontestable trademark which designates to the public that Sealed Air Corporation is the exclusive source of the brand of products marketed in commerce thereunder. Thus, when trademark is used properly in commerce, it identifies the brand and not the product itself.Soley for the limited purpose of allowing the authors of this publication to exercise certain literary freedom, Sealed Air Corporation has agreed not to object to certain narrow uses of the Bubble Wrap® trademark in a less formal, humorous, context. This limited consent does not constitute either a waiver by Sealed Air Corporation of its trademark rights in its Bubble Wrap® registered trademark or permission to the public generally or to any third party specifically, to make improper use of the Bubble Wrap® mark. Rather, Sealed Air Corporation hereby serves formal notice of its continuing intention to enforce its federally registered Bubble Wrap® mark against any and all improper use and in that regard, expressly reserves all of its rights.
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