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This page is thanks in great part to the online sleuthing of boomer Michael Lerner (born 1956).
Please visit his 70's Tour site for more nostalgia.

Michael says, “I have collected and sold baby boomer toy stuff for a number of years (before eBay). My main passion was (and is) MAD magazine collectibles. I have consulted on various MAD related projects including the TV show and numerous books. Most recently I helped out on a MAD magazine covers book that will be published later this year. For two years I also wrote a TV toy collectibles column for Toy Shop.”
Thanks, Michael! Great stuff!

NOTICE: We do NOT know where to find these toys - so please don't email us asking.
All we can tell you with any degree of certainty is that you might
find them on EBay.

(above left) Superball (Wham-O c1965)
(above right) Supermagnet (Wham-O 1960s)

(far left)Thinkatron Toy Computer (Hasbro 1960s)
(left) Superelasticbubbleplastic (Wham-O 1960s)

(above left)
Johnny Seven Rifle
(Topper Toys ©1964)
(above right)
Secret Sam Attache Case (Topper 1960s)

(far left)
Agent M Zero Camera-Gun (Mattel ©1964)
SixFinger (Topper ©1960s)

(lower left)
Roll Caps (Mattel Greenie ©1958)
(lover right)
Tumble Bug (Shaper 1950s/60s)

(above left) Air Blaster (Wham-O ©1960s)
(above right) Odd Ogg (Ideal ©1962)

(left) Robot Commando (Ideal, ©1961)
(below) Pedal Engine Fire Car (many companies made them. Here is an AMF model from the 1950s/60s)

(below) Monster Models (Aurora ©1961-68)
(bottom left) Super Stuff (Wham-O, ©1966)
(bottom right) Cootie (Shaper ©1966)
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