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Brought to you by the “Dr.” B. Neebascher, author of
The Official Beanie BASHER Handbook: The ONLY book that parodies the Beanie Baby phenomenon. It features112 pages stuffed full of valuable information on the Beanie craze including:

The Evolution of Beanies
Beanie Anatomy and an Actual Beanie Autopsy
Identifying Counterfeits
Creating Your Own Counterfeits for Monetary Gain
Conspiracy Theories
(including Alien Invasion and Hazardous Waste Disposal)
Retiring Your Own Beanies
and most importantly:
Socially and Ecologically Responsible Alternative Uses
for Beanies (instead of having them end up in the landfill)

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The Official Beanie Basher Handbook
by "Dr." B. Neebascher
$7.95 U.S. retail
($10.95 Canada)
ISBN 0-8362-8186-1
available NOW at a bookstore near you, or CLICK HERE to order online through Amazon.com.

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About the Author:
"Dr." B. Neebascher
(Pronounced Knee Baasher)

He’s not a real doctor. And, no, that is not his real name. Due to the voluminous HATE mail and death threats that he receives from Beanie hugging, out-for-
can-get-it, station wagon driving, far too much collectable time on their hands, women... he has obscured his identity and his actual name for reasons that should be obvious to anyone with a third grade education. His radio and television interviews are conducted through a voice modulator which he has been forced to wear (along with a ski mask) whenever he is in public. He resides in a bunker with Salman Rushdie.
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“Dr.” Neebascher accurately
predicts the demise of BEANIES.
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