99 Bottles of Beer* on the Wall, it’s a popular song, you’ve probably sung it yourself during a school field trip, at camp, or during a family car trip. But have you ever made it all the way through the song? Most likely not. That’s due to the fact that there are one hundred verses in the song – making the lyrics extremely difficult to remember.

Finally! Now, for the first time in history, the complete lyrics to this popular song have been published in an easy-to-follow book that will lead you successfully through each of the one hundred verses.

Please note that if you are actually consuming the beer as you are singing the song, you will probably note make it though the song even with the help of this book.

– Tim Nyberg (aka Tim, the Duct Tape Guy)
* Non-imbibers see alternative lyrics
in back of book.

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If you're like me (and I know I am), you have trouble remembering lyrics.
Sometimes I can't even make it all the way through the first line of a song without getting the lyrics wrong.
Imagine how hard it is to remember all the lyrics of a song with 99 verses!
That's why I've published my new book:

"99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall - the complete lyrics"

Finally, all 99 verses of this popular tipsy tune are presented in a handy, easy-to-follow pocket-sized book.
I’m now booking fall interviews based on this important new book including an inspired reading of select verses.

To book an inteview:
Just email tim@octanecreative.com?subject=99_bottles_interview
Let me know your station call letters, media market, and the date and time you desire and I will send you a confirmation email.

Well, I've got to get back to the book now - I was on 66 bottles before this little break - I think my blurred vision is starting to clear up a bit.
Thanks for your time. I'm looking forward to our interview!

- Tim, the Duct Tape Guy